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In-Game Auction House Announced for Diablo 3; Along With Beta Access

Updated on July 28, 2012
The interface for the Diablo 3 Auction House looks very similar to the World of Warcraft Auction House.
The interface for the Diablo 3 Auction House looks very similar to the World of Warcraft Auction House. | Source

What Is The In-Game Auction House

Diablo 3 is one of the most highly anticipated computer games of all time. The game has been in development for over a decade now, and as it approaches we are learning more and more about what has been going on behind the scenes. The latest announcement has sent fans into a frenzy. Blizzard announced that an in-game auction house will be included within the game. Not only will it resemble the World of Warcraft auction house where players can use the game currency to purchase items, but there will also be real world currency involved. According to Blizzard,

  • "We’re introducing a powerful auction house system that will provide a safe, fun, and easy-to-use way for players to buy and sell the loot they obtain in the game. Items can be sold and purchased using real-world money or in-game gold."

Example of what individual item pages will look like within the Diablo 3 Auction House
Example of what individual item pages will look like within the Diablo 3 Auction House | Source

How Will It Effect The Game

Now that we have the facts out of the way, I will lend the rest of this article to my personal opinion and interpretations of how this colossal announcement will impact the Diablo universe. This service has been being provided through outside sources for years now in Diablo 2. To me this move was brilliant and a necessity by Blizzard. Their hard work creating, and maintaining these games was being undercut by these outside sources taking advantage of players looking for an easy way out to get items. Blizzard took this system and decided to put it into their game itself. This removes the need for those outside websites and allows Blizzard to make a small profit off of each sale. (Similar to the way the "game" takes a portion of your sale in World of Warcraft, Blizzard is going to take a portion of real world currency sales in Diablo 3.) Now this should not be a huge issue, as you are not technically losing money. It simply lowers the top end profit that you would be receiving by a small amount. Any profit I can make off of a game, to me, is greatly appreciated. Once the game pays for itself, which I imagine won't take long in the beginning, everything after that is pure profit. Pure profit for playing a game, wait let me say that again, pure profit for PLAYING A GAME! Never did I think that I would see this day, outside of becoming a pro-gamer, when I would be able to make real, legitimate money, by playing a game.

Some players are worried that the Chinese farming business will destroy this auction house, but I don't agree. I believe that they will be there, without a doubt, but I think to stay competitive with each other, they are going to regulate the market in a way that makes it easier for players to simply undercut them and make a quick sale. Will you be able to make a legitimate living off of this feature? That is something that remains to be seen. I do not doubt for one minute that some players will figure out ways to make a ton of cash off of this element, but I don't believe that the average player will be able to quit their day job.


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  • thebeast02 profile image

    thebeast02 6 years ago from Louisiana

    Skear, I think a lot of D3 fans are thinking the exact same thing. It will be an interesting twist for sure, and one that was unexpected by most players. I think it will be welcome by most, as well, seeing as the same thing has been going on with 3rd party websites since D2. I don't blame Blizzard one bit for wanting to keep the money in their hands.

  • skear profile image

    Sam Kear 6 years ago from Kansas City

    I can't wait for the release of D3! I had a lot of fun playing the auction house on WoW. The fact that items will sell for real cash is going to add a whole new element to the game. How cool would it be to get a super rare drop and sell it for a chunk of cash?

  • mobias profile image

    mobias 6 years ago from Forest Grove, OR

    It will be interesting to see how this affects the community. Being a little on the jaded side, I can't imagine making a TON of money on this game, unless I were 14 years old, occupied my parents basement and lived and breathed this game 18 hours a day! We will still be at Blizzards mercy, as they will no doubt control the rarity, and thus, the value of all in game items for sale. Demonbob76 making too much money? Let's flood the in-game market with a few thousand more of those whack-a-dragon Pikes! Blizzard will be the new in-game EBAY soon enough...

  • thebeast02 profile image

    thebeast02 6 years ago from Louisiana

    Same here cmlindblom, the past 10 years weren't bad, but now that I know the game is close to done, the wait is excruciating.

  • cmlindblom profile image

    Chris 6 years ago from middletown, ct

    this is very similar to a hub I wrote a few days ago.

    I can't wait for the game to come out.

  • thranax profile image

    Andrew 6 years ago from Rep Boston MA

    That sounds like it will be both good and bad...never know depending on how cunning players could be. The grand exchange broke runescape for most people and the all world auction in Aika hurt the prices there aswell.


  • justiceutopia profile image

    justiceutopia 6 years ago

    I'm very excited about the possibilities with the upcoming auction house. Maybe we can finally profit from a Blizzard game and the revenue will pay for the game itself? =)

  • lundmusik profile image

    lundmusik 6 years ago from Tucson AZ

    great job,, thanks for the info