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Income as a gamer

Updated on July 11, 2016

Big Tournaments

Tournaments allow talented players to make big income with their skills. Whether it's with a team or just yourself, you can cash in on some big money prizes. Companies and brands also like to promote themselves. Many people have sponsored big brand names in the past.

Twitch or HitBox for Live Streaming

One of the biggest streamers of all time is someone who goes by the name of 'syndicate'. It's been proven that people love watching people stream and play video games online by the fact that this streamer has over two million followers. Videos such as walkthroughs are very popular as people like to see how talented gamers progress through a game. Websites are always happy with people uploading gaming content due to them being popular and not copyrighted. Using Twitch to stream live game-play also generates income just like uploading to YouTube.

Buying or Selling Virtual Items/Goods

Games like Runescape where you level up your characters stats and make virtual money. Accounts and virtual items or gold can be sold for high prices. Sites like eBay or Amazon no longer provide services like these but you can very easily find sites for this by searching on Google or browsing gaming forums and finding people that are looking for in-game goods.

Selling your Game Knowledge

You can write about an MMO game and show your knowledge to people. You could write an e-book and sell it to a person searching for this knowledge.


A dedicated gamer can start a blog on his own website and share his gaming experiences. The gamer can generate a lot of income via traffic and putting some good use to adsense.

Creating YouTube Content

Uploading videos to YouTube and monetizing them is very easy. You could start your own channel and as your videos begin gaining viewers you can start placing ads on the videos. YouTube networks may send you a message through YouTube asking to join them in return of giving them a percentage of your earnings. Joining a YouTube network means they will help you grow. You can contact them for more information anytime.

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