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Incursion 2 - The Artifact walkthrough, Part Ten: Rootluk Cavern

Updated on May 8, 2013
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

From frozen lands to barren caverns, Garga's trip is slowly drawing to its climax. But before he can reach his inevitable battle with Pharoh'Ahn, he must face off against the woody Rootluk - and thanks to some foul magical influence, they aren't acting normally. Beware, Garga!

Rootluk cavern is an odd map. It features four spawn points for enemies: north, west, northeast, and southeast. Speedier units come from the northern spawns, slow skeletons and magic users from the west, and eventually the Rootluk themselves will spawn from the southeast. It's this last bunch that will prove the most troublesome. What's odd about this? Simple: the usual enemy intersection is in the middle of the map, not just before the exit. Fortunately, this can work to your advantage.

You're facing a lot of new enemies in this subterranean rumble, so best you enter the fight prepared.

  • Underground Pet. Fairly standard crawlers that are easy to kill, though later on they appear in great numbers.
  • Stump. These hulking bruisers can plunge their roots into the ground as they wander along. Units unfortunate enough to be nearby will die instantly if they're caught in the red circle the attack creates. Hitting them with ranged attacks (mainly arrows) is advised.
  • Anti Mage. As the name implies, these units will destroy your mages rather easily. Anything else will destroy them in return.
  • Toothpick. Basic Rootluk warriors with lots of health and strong attacks. Kill them before they reach melee fighters with magic.
  • Rootluk. The king himself will show up during the final wave of enemies. His unique ability allows him to encase several units in roots for several seconds, rendering them useless. He can also summon a worm that will consume whatever's targeted instantly. In both cases, be ready to move. Rootluk has to cover a lot of ground before he reaches the end, so it's not that difficult to bring him down - though taking out his many support units first will help significantly. Stalling him with melee units works really well once the other enemies have been cleared out.

Given the amount of room you have at the intersection before enemies reach the edge of the map, you have a few options for setting up your units. All of them should, at the very least, revolve around the final path leading to the end, and defending it with everything you've got.

  • Possibly your best bet is to set up several barracks' worth of archers on the southwest island. Once fully upgraded these archers will be able to maul most anything that comes their way, and will be able to cover a significant amount of ground with their long range. If you feel up to it, mix one or more artillery units in with the archers, as there are no flyers to worry about. Backup from at least one barracks' worth of mages isn't a bad idea, though watch out for Anti Mages that will wipe out your units with only a few swipes.
  • You can also make up for lesser firepower by employing a squad of melee fighters, preferably the stout dwarves. Once upgraded they can hold back the lesser units and, eventually, the Rootluk. Be careful with their placement, as melee units are extremely vulnerable to the instant-kill attacks of the Stumps.

As always, Garga can serve support and use his magic to tip the battle in your favour. Watch out for red circles appearing beneath his feet - the last thing you want is to suddenly lose your hero to some chump Stump.



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