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Incursion 2 - The Artifact walkthrough, Part Three: Encounter at Death Plateau

Updated on May 4, 2013
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.
Incursion 2: The Artifact is copyright booblyc and Armor Games. Images used for educational purposes only.

With Sacred Grove behind them, Garga Wrathbringer and his troops have moved on to the altogether-less-pleasant Encounter at Death Plateau. The bad guys are getting more serious, and Garga will have to kick his game up a few notches if he's going to keep pace. Thankfully, he has some help in this mission…

Encounter at Death Plateau brings in a second hero in Kel Hawkbow, a deadly archer with three new abilities for your team to exploit:

  • Cloud of Poison Arrows - An attack that hits and poisons multiple enemies within a small area - good for crowd control against weaker units
  • Sniper Arrow Shot - Hits one enemy for massive damage; be sure to aim carefully, as it's too easy to accidentally target the wrong foe
  • Fast Bomb - Another area attack that does more damage than Poison Arrows but offers no lingering pain; another good one for crowd control

Kel also offers the passive ability of occasionally knocking your enemies for a loop, forcing them in the wrong direction for a few seconds. Very helpful for stalling.

Encounter at Death Plateau is one of the game's rare maps where there are two potential exit points. Enemies will spawn on either a northern or southern path, and either side is bad for your team. Fortunately, the map is not situated in such a way that you must split your forces, and you're much better off taking advantage of the middle ground to hit both sides at once than concentrating on north or south.

There's only one new enemy to fight here:

  • Evil Archers. These guys are the ranged version of Traitors, but they're much harsher because they can start shooting before your melee guys are in range. If you notice them stopping before they're in attack range, send in a hero to mop them up.

Your first goal should be to get the Assassin Archer towers up and running. Each building spawns only a single Assassin Archer, but these guys are a great step above your own units and have incredible range. Move them towards the narrow section of the middle and they will easily be able to target enemies on both sides. Do the same with Kel and Garga so they can alternate targets between north and south. The first few waves should be an absolute slaughter.

Things get a bit hairier later on, at least along the southern path, because Damn Knights begin to show up. These beefy guys resist arrows and might slip through in a group. (The same goes for Viking Fighters, but they're a bit easier to kill.) You have two options:

  • Target the Knights with your heroes. Kel's Sniper Arrow Shot will obliterate anything it hits, including the Knights. Garga's normal magical attacks can also greatly reduce their health in a hurry. Mors is a fantastic magical school here, as Skeletons can block and delay incoming foes and give the Assassin Archers and Kel time to maul anything that dares be resistant to their arrows.
  • Set up something to stall. You'll be accumulating money so fast that it'd be dumb to ignore your own troops, especially since you can now upgrade them once again. It's probably tempting to make this an all-arrow map, but using the left-most barracks for melee fighters to stall enemies is your best bet. If you have Assassin Archers set up you can leave these guys on the southern path. If not, move them back and forth. A single magic user can help soften up the Damn Knights, but they're not a necessity.



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