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Best of Indian Barbie Dolls

Updated on April 28, 2014

Barbie Goes Indian

At a very young age, girls start displaying their stylist skills and Barbie dolls used to be the target of all our fashion experiments. I remember as a kid I used to love playing with Barbie dolls. Dressing her up, mixing and matching her clothes, brushing her hair -- I loved it all. I so wish back then I had the chance to play with an Indian barbie. Apart from dresses and other western wear, I would have had the pleasure to dress her up in the traditional dress of my country -- the saree. Being a big saree fanatic now, I am sure I would have enjoyed it even more back then if Barbie dolls came in our Indian attire. Little girls now have that benefit of getting Barbie all dressed up in gorgeous looking sarees. I am quite impressed by the sarees that Barbie is sporting. They seem to have been made from the finest of fabrics ensuring high quality. The sarees are eyecatching to say the least and if you haven't seen these Indian barbies yet, you have landed at the right place. Right here on this page you will get to see some of the best Indian barbies I have set my eyes on. Get them as a special gift for your little princess so that she gets to doll her Barbie up in traditional Indian attire or make it a part of your collector's item if you have one.

Barbie in Saffron Colored Saree

Barbie as the quintessential Indian lady
Barbie as the quintessential Indian lady

This Indian Barbie doll is part of the 'Barbies Collector Dolls of the World' collection and she is seen sporting here a beautiful saffron shaded saree, bangles, a "bindi", eye makeup and an antique Indian head jewelry piece. She is accompanied by a pet monkey. We Indian women don't really keep monkeys as pets, but this is a nice added touch considering monkeys are part of the Indian culture (we even have a monkey God). The long lustrous shiny braided black hair compliments the Indian barbie perfectly. She's gorgeous isn't she?

Buy this Indian barbie doll here:

Barbie Doll of the World Collection Explained

Barbie Doll in Blue Saree

Barbie doll in a pretty party wear saree
Barbie doll in a pretty party wear saree

The Indian Barbie doll is shown here wearing a pretty designer wear saree. She seems all set to rock a typical big fat Indian wedding. The saree is made of exquisite high quality fabric and why shouldn't it be? The Indian Barbie deserves no less.

Buy this India Barbie here:

Barbie as the Royal Indian Princess

The ravishingly beautiful maharani Barbie doll
The ravishingly beautiful maharani Barbie doll

I am absolutely loving how Barbie is looking here! With complete Indian makeup, jewelry and attire, she looks so much like an Indian celebrity. Her facial features are the prime highlights which sets her apart from the other Indian barbies. The Barbie manufacturers have taken care to make the Barbie look like a typical Indian and they have succeeded wonderfully with this exotic looking piece. The most recommended buy for a collector!

Barbie Doll in Gorgeous Pink Saree

A wide bordered saree clad Indian Barbie
A wide bordered saree clad Indian Barbie

Of all Indian barbies, I love the saree sported by this particular one. The saree has a wide border and it is of a beautiful pink shade. Long lustrous hair completes this Indian barbie's look. I particularly love sarees with a big golden border which explains why I have picked this one's saree over the others.

India's Celebrity Barbie - Katrina Kaif Barbie Doll

Katrina Kaif and her look alike Barbie doll
Katrina Kaif and her look alike Barbie doll

The gorgeous Katrina Kaif is India's own Barbie doll. She has a look alike Barbie which can be bought from India's Ebay. This one is not clad in Indian attire (unfortunately) but it is still gorgeous nevertheless which shouldn't be shocking considering Katrina Kaif is the muse! In the video shown below Katrina Kaif tells you how she's having a gala time being Barbie's Indian celebrity face.

Katrina Kaif Talks About Her Barbie Doll Line


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