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Indoor Remote Control Helicopter

Updated on October 6, 2014

Buying a Remote Control Helicopter for Indoor Use

Indoor remote control helicopters are a fun toy that can be enjoyed by anyone. The first step to selecting an RC helicopter is to decide how many channels you want. Each of these channels controls a function of the helicopter. A chopper with more channels will be capable of more tricks and stunts, but is also significantly harder to fly. Beginning pilots and children should select a helicopter with 2 or 3 channels. 4 channels is better suited to the more dedicated hobbyist. Helicopters with 6 or more channels are designed for use by advanced RC pilots.

Though it may be tempting to select a helicopter with the best features and gadgets, this is not the best choice when you are just starting out. Remote control piloting is a skill that requires lots of practice and patience. Unless you are a prodigy, you will crash your indoor remote control helicopter a lot when you are first starting out. Typically the more expensive the helicopter, the more expensive it is to repair it after a bad crash. Purchase a cheaper, but still high quality remote control helicopter to learn on. As your skills improve, you can graduate to a more expensive helicopter with more features.

Syma Mini Gyro S107

The Syma S107 is a miniature helicopter that packs a powerful punch. This 7.5 inch helicopter features 3 channels and a built in gyroscope. The gyro helps keeps the helicopter stable, so that you can learn to fly it. You can even fly two helicopters at once by using the two frequencies. This indoor remote control helicopter is an affordable option, perfect for novice flyers and children.

Syma X1 Quad Copter

The Syma X1 Quad Copter is not a traditional RC helicopter by any means. While this is a 4 channel helicopter, this design is very well balanced thanks to the adjustable gyro, which makes it easier to fly. This chopper is designed for tricks. It can flip, roll, and even pirouette. The removable battery means that you can purchase additional batteries to extend your flight time. This indoor remote control helicopter also has a setting so that you can take it outside for more flying fun.

Haktoys H-825g Metal Helicopter with Gyroscope

The Haktoys H-825g Helicopter comes ready to play with right out of the box. It requires little to no experience to fly. This is a 4 channel RC heli that can also be flown outdoors. The auto stability system makes this helicopter extremely easy to maneuver. Bright LED lights give you the option to fly at night as well. This helicopter can hover, has 260 feet of flying range, and 360 degrees precise directional movement.

Syma S109 iCopter

The Syma S109 iCopter is a standard 3 channel helicopter with one amazing feature - you can fly it using an app on your iPad or iPhone. Simply press and slide your finger across the screen to control your chopper. You never have to worry about losing your controller again. This durable indoor remote control helicopter is designed to survive crashes.

Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter

The Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadricopter was the first helicopter designed to be flown by your gadgets. Compatible with both Apple and Android products, you can tilt your device, as well as use your finger to press and slide on the screen to fly. This indoor remote control helicopter has a removable hull so that you can also take it outside. But the prime feature is the 720 p HD camera that sends videos and pictures of your flight to your electronic device. While it may be pricey, it is a fully loaded RC helicopter.

A Fun Hobby

No matter which indoor remote control helicopter you choose, RC helicopter flying can be enjoyed by amateur and experience remote control pilots alike. It is an exciting hobby for the young and the young at heart.


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    • TurtleDog profile image

      TurtleDog 4 years ago

      Thanks for the tips. I'm looking for an RC with vid cam.. Thanks