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Infamous Second Son

Updated on June 16, 2014

A beautiful symphony

Infamous Second Son surprised in a large amount of areas but for the main part it was the same recipe that was started off by the infamous GTA 3. The game is great right from the onset and with a title like Second Son you expect some changes and in that the game does not disappoint. The characters fell a lot more realistic which is very different to the previous feel of Infamous 1 and 2. The characters likeness to reality would make you think this is not a super hero game but when they lighting effects coming into play it becomes another ball game. The change in style of character’s definition and colour pallets pays off dearly for the developers at Sucker Punch. With a lot of interaction and synergy between the characters you meet and the character you play and the game itself you really feel immersed. This could very easily be how next generation immersion feels like and when you take into consideration how early we are into this consoles cycle we could have great this to come.


All of the lights

Now this may be taken as an exaggeration but there is no other game out there which gives you the lighting that infamous second son produces. As you walk on the side walk of glide in the skies there are moments that strike you as you refuse to believe you are controlling the moment. PlayStation 4 has definitely been put to work here with its vast processing power which is evident by the results. We all heard what the console could do and now it is there for all to see. The city is beautiful and lovingly created; there is a sense that all who were involved put a lot of love and care into the design of this city. Even with the distraction and disaster that follows your character the visual remain brilliant in every circumstance

Infamous Second Son

Too good to be true

So this sound great to the ear and as human nature dictates you begin to say where the catch is. Characters or Story Line? Well as we look at the characters, the motion capture of the Delsin who is the main character we see that not many faults reside here. The rendering from the engine is great in making the protagonist feel real and with every smirk and smile there is a feeling of reality in the movements. Delsin is not a character that can always be related by all and whilst this may leave a disconnection between you and the character there is a character in the game world that everyone can relate to. Delsin himself is a growing man trying to find his way in life whilst still being immature and destructive with some bursts of interesting ideas on life. Whilst the powers that hide inside him bubble up to the surface this creates an interesting complexity to the story.


Whilst the main character is certainly pulling his weight the supporting cast is not much to be praised. Their performances are certainly not terrible and they’re experienced in short burst but it is such a shame that they were not on the same level as the main character.

The hero in a hat

With supporting characters in the rear view it is all about the main character and as a super hero/anti-hero it is all about power. In this department there is much good news, there are a vast amount of ways to dispatch your enemies. Whilst admiring the view you can stalk your prey and decide to go in silent before unleashing a great amount of distraction. The alternative though is much more pleasing, skip to the distraction part and head in guns blazing in the first place. Each power has the potential to be very distractive but none of them feel too overpowering. The variety of these powers also means that one does not feel like the other. The speed of the neon power is very different compared to the raw power of the smoke and this is in gameplay but also in lighting.



During battles you never feel under powered and there are always multiple ways of dispatching your foes quickly. Upgrade trees are available which means dependent on the moral choices you make you can upgrade differently in the game. This can lead you to play the game differently or play it twice because of the vast differences in powers between an evil or good Delsin.

To upgrade your character you need to get karma and this karma is available around the world in and outside of mission. Because of this you never feel like you don’t have enough opportunities to upgrade your character or indeed use your powers. The D.U.P is the main opposing force in this game and destroying their bases can come with huge rewards of karma. This action in itself is usually outside of the main mission you have to do which means that there is plenty to do after you have finished the main missions.

The mobility in the game is one of its great features as it brings out some of the best moments of the city. The movement of Delsin with powers and without is totally different and it also gives you different feelings of power. On the one hand with a fully upgraded Delsin you will be gliding across rooftops or indeed speeding up the sides of buildings in a neon blaze. On the other you can use your parkour skills to get to the top of buildings and your regular feet to run across streets to the action. This is not as unrewarding as it sounds because this element of the game gives you the gentle reminder that you are not invincible and that this game is not over powered.

The morality pathways always cause issues in a game as it means that you have to decide between to extremes. These are open to criticism and interpretation from one gamer to the other but they are significant and hard choices to make. These sometimes feel forced and do not always feel like they need to be there.


The Score

4 stars for Infamous Second Son

In Conclusion

Now with all that said this game will not be for everyone because no game really is that diverse but as far as superhero games go and in regard to open world games this is definitely one you should not miss. The city is massive and wonderfully rendered and as much as you go around and indulge yourself in activities you will not get tired of it. The graphics and gameplay is amazing and although it can be said there are some blemishes on Sucker Punches face, there are certainly no black eyes. A great game through and through.

© 2014 nooch01


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