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Infectonator Tips, Tricks, Strategy and Walk Through: Find all the Special Zombies

Updated on June 14, 2010

Infectonator is an addicting zombie strategy/action game available for free online.  Packed full of secrets, stages, and upgrades, this is one of the most popular free online games available.  For those who are struggling for whatever reason, here are some helpful Infectonator tips.  Follow this helpful Infectonator walk through to get the most out this great game.

Infectonator Hints For The Early Levels

Aim your initial infection bombs well.  If you can ,try to hit targets near the center so the zombie outbreak can bloom all the way cross the map.  Once you start encountering enemies with guns, try and make sure the early zombies are near them so they can quickly overrun them.

As soon as you can, upgrade your virus spread so that you get more people from your initial attack.  Another important Infectonator strategy is to buy the ability to drop more than one virus click.  This will allow quite a bit more strategy in dealing with large numbers of enemies.  Zombie longevity and speed are also important upgrades.

Hints On Finding Special Zombies In Infectonator
Hints On Finding Special Zombies In Infectonator

Where To Find All The Special Zombies In Infectonator

There are six special zombies available in Infectonator. For most of these zombies, you have to kill a special human hero to gain access to them, although that is not always the case. These special zombies can be placed at any time during a level to cause havoc in and around their designated area. They can also be upgraded from the lab screen.

  • Tank Zombie - Kill Rambo/Action Hero Qandahar in the Middle East region. If you fail to kill him here, there will be several more instances later in the game where you can kill him as well.
  • MJ Zombie - In Jamaica, located in the Mexico region, there is a small gravestone in the lower left corner. Blow it up to get a Thrillerized Michael Jackson on your Infectonator zombie roster.
  • Venom - In New York city, kill Spider-man. This is as tough as it sounds, so be sure to save some special zombies to overwhelm him.
  • Ronald McDonald - He can first be found in Europe, but he will be a regular enemy throughout the game.
  • Col. Sanders - Kill him in, where else, Kentucky to get this zombie chicken wielding undead partner.
  • Boomer Santa - Kill Santa Claus in the North Pole. This is one of the later levels you will encounter, so don't worry if you haven't seen him yet.
A great Infectonator strategy is to carefully place the special zombies around the map in different areas.  By doing this you'll ensure as much damage over the widest area possible.  Try and stagger them a bit because humans will appear slowly over time on some maps.
Another Infectonator tip is to drop specialize zombies that produce large amounts of targets (MJ, Col. Sanders) to draw fire from other special zombies.  This is especially useful in large stages with lots of gun wielding military personnel. 

How To Beat Late Infectonator Levels

Some levels, such as certain cities in Russia, feature huge masses of armored, gun toting enemies. In these instances it is important to have highly armored zombies that have a high chance of producing another zombie after making a kill. Drop as many special zombies as you can, and with some luck you'll beat the level and maybe even destroy the town.

Infectonator Hints

A few more quick Infectonator tips:

  • Upgrade, upgrade, upgrade: you'll earn lots of money from replaying levels, don't neglect regularly upgrading from the lab screen.  All of your skills will pay off big if you keep invsting in them.
  • Pay attention to where the enemies are.  One of the best Infectonator strategies is to take out the armed civilians first.
  • On large maps, scout out the best area first.  Be careful of walls and building that might cut off your zombies from attacking more civilians.
  • Use the Tank to stun large groups of military groups all at the same time.  The area effect attack can clear a path quickly in a small area.


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