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Infinite Warfare’s Halloween Event is Confirmed - But What About Modern Warfare Remastered?

Updated on October 4, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Activision has too much power over Call of Duty franchise developers
Activision has too much power over Call of Duty franchise developers

Infinite Warfare Receives its First Leak for a Halloween Event - But, Modern Warfare Remastered is Still in the Dark

Infinite Warfare and Modern Warfare Remastered have been coupled together to be two entirely different Call of Duty games that would share the same release date - November 3rd, 2016. The two games have absolutely nothing to do with one another, as Infinite Warfare is developed by Infinity Ward, and MWR is developed by Raven Software.

This was clever, and in fact, even changed the business model that Activision uses for its marketing and selling of Call of Duty titles. Before Infinite Warfare (2016), Call of Duty titles were released one per year, and by developers that would each take their turn. Let’s be honest, this was due to the harsh reality of the reception that Call of Duty titles were receiving in 2014 when Call of Duty entered into the futuristic war setting - which by the way was not great.

Activision, will have cleverly summed up that they were going to have a couple of years ahead of them where sales were going to tilt in the option direction, and this failing graph would have caused a ripple throughout the Call of Duty sales timeline. This resulted in Activision reacting quick in organising a remaster of their most famous COD title, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Now, in full remaster form, known as Modern Warfare Remastered.

We can all lay into Activision on their decision to move into the direction and mechanics of a futuristic war era for their respective development series’. But, there was no way Activision were going to sink tens of millions of dollars from money invested into Treyarch’s Black Ops 3 and Infinity Ward’s Infinite Warfare. This would have been too big of a loss for the franchise, so they took an intuitive path in pleasing both sides of the coin (the futuristic mess, and the boots-on-the-ground roots for the franchise), and scheduled a double-release for 2016. Many complained, but in truth it was a smart move to pour water on troubled fires.

Fastforward - October, 2017 on Call of Duty

Halloween event is confirmed for Infinite Warfare - and even the doubters are pleased to see some solid evidence (through a leak on - Leaked images for new camos/calling cards for the IW Halloween event.

Current date - October 4th, 2017

Modern Warfare Remastered: There have been no word from the Raven Software developers regarding the rumoured Halloween event. It seems ever the more likely after having these leaked images that can be found on the leak listed not too far above. The images show some groovy calling cards, and the camos seem too good to be true.

This may have been an intentional leak from Infinity Ward to reassure gamers that there is a Halloween event coming. These were initially uploaded to Nero Tweets (NerosCinema’s) Twitter page, and it seems promising.

Many have been running to the hills over at Modern Warfare Remastered, and with no written information from Raven Software, the games developer, many have been assuming the worst - in that there will be no autumn event, and all of the hoping and believing has been for nothing.

I prefer to stand by the Call of Duty community in its wider form in knowing that Activision will make the right thing happen. To start back on a fresh Call of Duty title like WW2, I would sooner crossover in good faith, and not feel a level of distaste or distrust with Raven Software, Infinity Ward, or better yet… Activision.

It seems clear that many feel the same… if Activision were no so slow and lazy in keeping up to date on the feelings of their more committed gamers. It feels silly to stand to the side, and to call Activision from a distance, when it is so much easier to blame individual developers, but at the end of the day Activision own the rights to Call of Duty, and Raven Software are only on board through the publishers good graces.

Come on guys, stand by the weaker voice, as Activision are simply treading on the communities toes at every turn, and the best part is they will not even acknowledge it. This is a franchise that i personally left back in 2013 through having varied opposing opinions to the direction that the franchise was going in.

In 2014, I may have returned to get a load of what was happening lamely believing that Treyarch would be back in charge, but it was Sledgehammer Games, and so ended my time as part of the Call of Duty community.

That was until 2016, as I purchased the Xbox One and PS4 for the first time, and it was purely unlucky that the business model for Activision had to alter slightly to appease the wider Call of Duty community.

Whoever is responsible for the lack thereof a Halloween event on Modern Warfare Remastered needs to re-access their decision making, as the entire Call of Duty community should come together to fire someone. Come on guys, we are the customers, the consumers, the returning customers, the returning consumers, let’s fire someone.

Ahhh, whatever, but this community is stronger and larger than any other video-game franchise, so why is it we must stand in silent, but furious anger after Activision just trod on our toes, anybody?


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