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Infinity Blade 2 WalkThrough

Updated on December 23, 2011

Infinity Blade 2 has finally released recently, the story is follow the end of infinity blade 1. The man get the infinity blade and now is looking for the mistery workshop(I play the version in Chinese, so I may not say the right name^o^) But unfortunatly the whole thing is a trap and we lost our Infinity Sword and almost got killed by an arrow.

Somehow we survived, and someone saved my ass and now it is time to revenge.

The system is almost the same like the former one, but we can use heavy weapon and double hand weapons now, also we can equipe the weapon with different diamonds to give the weapon additional attack rates.

The Revenge road is the same place as the Infinity Blade 1--the Castle. We will face 2 fights to enter the gate of the Castle, each enemy has its own information, and if we fullfill some request like doge all the attacks we can get more experience during the battle.

After one battle behind the gate we will enter a hall with huge hero and dragon statues, There are three ways we can choose, the left one is locked now, so we can only choose from the middle and right one. This time we choose the middle gate to enter into the deep castle.

In the Castle, we can face another three way crossing but both right and left route is blocking right now, so our only choice is go upstairs. After several Battle We face a two way crossing and through the only one unlock we can come to the top of the castle, there will be one boss over there, but after we defeated him there has nothing we can do, it seems to be the wrong way. Now we need to go over again and try to find the right route.

This time we choose the left way at the hall of statues which has unlocked this time, and the right route will have one more treasure box. The left way will lead us to an Arena. There will be two battles in the Arena, and then we will go underneath the ground. There we willl meet a LV75 monster which we can hardly defeat right now.

The third time we choose the middle gate at the dragon statues hall again, and when we get to the three way crossing, we found the upstair route has been destroyed and now we can only choose from right or left. This time we choose the left way, and we go to an underground wich locks a whole set of equipments which we can not reach right now, just keep going straight.

Now we have reached the 2 way crossing the first round we face, this time both are unlocked, now we choose the straight one. But at there we meet a LV100 robot which is almost impossible to defeat at our current level. The right route of this crossing is a manager of a monument, it is LV50, with a little bit difficult we can defeat him.

Now we have met the bottleneck of the game, detected all the crossing but was blocking with several tough boss, I will keep updating when I pass any BOSS. hope this walkthrough can help you.


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    • Jester98 profile image

      Jester98 5 years ago

      This game rocks. I just beat it. I have to say I bought some money to buy the better sword. If you go back and equip the crappier equip you can level up a lot faster. Buy the prize wheels to they tend to have great stuff. I built it all with dual swords and no shield. You do need to equp your sheiks so you can block the attack power they have. Great game