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Inflatable Bounce House Castles For Kids and Toddlers

Updated on August 12, 2013
Bounce houses and inflatables provide endless hours of fun for kids and toddlers.
Bounce houses and inflatables provide endless hours of fun for kids and toddlers. | Source

Moon Bounce Castles

A moon bounce is the perfect kids toy, providing hours of fun and laughter. Indoor bouncy houses are also a great way for toddlers to burn energy in the colder months. If you are looking for a castle-themed inflatable bouncer, here are the top models to check out.

You be considering renting a commercial-grade bouncer for a kids birthday party. We were considering the same thing a few years ago. Unfortunately, it costs about $250 to rent a moon bounce. When we thought about spending that much money for a few hours of fun, we decided it would be a better investment to just buy our own. That was absolutely the best decision. Now, our kids can bounce to their hearts content and we don't have to spend money renting a bouncy house every year.

Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bouncer

The Blast Zone Magic Castle Inflatable Bounce is the most popular castle bounce house. It blows up in seconds and can hold up to 3 kids or 300 pounds. The Magic Castle can be used indoors or outdoors (an added plus for extreme temperatures). The "Safe Slope" Slide provides safe, easy access, and the surrounding netting and Velcro entrance will keep kids safe while they bounce and have a blast. The Magic Castle can also be used as an indoor ball pit.

Basic Features:

  • Commercial Vinyl Bounce Floor
  • Commercial Grade Impact Surfaces (Up to 9 times stronger than residential-grade)
  • Commercial Double Stitching
  • High Safety Netting (reaching a full 60" from the bounce platform)
  • Safe-Slope Slide
  • Low Enough for Indoor Use
  • Ages 3 to 8
  • Exclusive X-Weave material
  • Industry-Leading Warranty and support


  • Footprint - 8.5' W x 11' L x 8' H
  • Bounce platform (outside dimensions) - 102" x 100"
  • Bounce area (inside netting) - 78" x 76"
  • Entrance Ramp/SlideFeatures - 40" W x 34" L

Blast Zone Misty Kingdom Inflatable Bouncer - Water Park with Slide

I am so excited about the Misty Kingdom Amusement Park - it's a Bounce House, Slide, Water Park and Ball pit all in one. This inflatable castle can be used wet or dry.

In the summer, simply hook up the hose to the included sprayers and Misty Kingdom is a Water Slide, Splash Pool and Bounce House. In cooler months, add play balls, and kids can bounce, slide and play in the ball pit, too. The Misty Kingdom has two sides - either side can be used as a ball pit.

Basic Features:

  • Slide and bouncer
  • Commercial Vinyl Sprayer System
  • Splash Area
  • Ball Pit
  • Castle Theme
  • Large bouncer floor crafted from commercial grade PVC
  • Commercial Grade Impact Surfaces (Up to 9 times stronger than residential-grade)
  • Double and Quadruple-stitched Commercial Assembly
  • Exclusive X-Weave material
  • Safe Slide Heights
  • Soft Safety Netting (Reduces abrasion) - encloses the entire unit to keep kids playing safely, as well as above the slide platform so kids cannot stand up at the top of the slide.
  • Industry-Leading Warranty and support
  • Recommended Age: 3+


  • Footprint - Approximately 14 x 13 x 8H
  • Bounce Floor: Approx 7 x 9
  • Max Occupancy: 5 Max
  • Max Weight per User: 100 pounds

Using Your Moon Bounce as a Ball Pit

The great thing about these castle bouncers is that they can easily be turned into ball pits. I highly recommend purchasing phalate-free balls, such as the intex balls. You can get a pack of about 200 balls for about $45.

Of course, a castle bounce house is great for princess-themed birthday parties. But, ita could also work for a little boys dragon-themed birthday party. The knight that fights the dragon has a castle, right!

Ball pits provide hours of fun and are simple to clean up. I especially like them for indoor use. It's a great way to keep kids entertained and exercising indoors when thetemperatures outside are sweltering. If you end up buying a bounce house that doesn't have a shade cover, consider setting it up under a simple pop-up canopy. It's a great, cheap way to keep the kids shaded.

I hope your little ones have as much fun in their bounce houses as mine do. Our bounce house has been one of my best purchases when it comes to kids toys. If you decide on a castbouton bounce, let me know how you like it.


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