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Inner Feelings Parade is a great read

Updated on November 9, 2014

Short stories captures the mind of the reader.They can tell an enjoyable story with a few thousand words. The shorter the story the better goes the adage.Short stories and poetry used to be handed down to us from our ancestors through oral tradition or through paintings. A case in point is that of the Bushmen in Southern Africa they used to tell a story through drawings of hunting scenes and the animals they killed with their poisoned arrows.

During the night people would gather around a fire and the seasoned elder who had seen it all and regarded in high esteem by the community would tell stories to the youngsters. Men would usually have their own night fires and their story tellers and so do women too. These stories were meant to have an influence in the lives of the inhabitants of a community. The stories told to the youngsters usually had moral lessons to be learnt and would also teach youngsters to be interdependent community members..These stories also taught youngsters to be divergent thinkers and to be able to face life challenges. In most cases the stories would teach them survival skills in times of need. Most of these stories were about animals especially the hare and baboon. Baboon was always taken for a ride by hare and baboon symbolised the foolish people in society and hare represented the clever and the elite in our society.These stories tend to look down upon the baboon in most instances. A point worth noting is that these stories improves children's listening and speaking skills.

After telling the story to the children the elder would ask the children to narrate the story. This was a way of checking whether the children were listening attentively during the storytelling session. Letting children narrate the stories was a way of grooming them to become storytellers themselves. It was also a way of evaluating their speaking and listening skills. The elders groomed them in storytelling skills so that the baton would be passed on to them after the elders had joined the afterlife.. In every village or neighborhood there was to be a gifted storyteller - either a female or a male.Usually these stories were told in winter not in summer.

The elders believed that telling stories in summer during the planting season would cause their crops to be eaten by baboons , monkeys, wild pigs, and guinea fowls - up to now nobody has the empirical evidence to prove this.My guess is that the elders had time to tell stories in winter because they were free from tilling the land which made them tired during the day and would want to sleep early at night so that they would have the energy to till the land the following day.

They were able to tell stories in winter because they had ample time at their disposal and usually at night they would be warming themselves around a fire and free from busy farming schedules. Poetry was also recited to youngsters and elders over a night fire, roasting maize cobs and groundnuts. Most of the poems were on hunting, how to praise their clan through their totems,proposing girls, war songs and dance.This was done to educate and inform the youngsters so that they grow up into effective knowledgeable adults.

Story telling and poetry is still done today mainly in schools.With the advent of technology and the printing presses.Stories and poetry are now in print.Those who are interested in short stories and poetry can easily get the books through the click of a mouse in the comfort of their homes and offices.

Inner Feelings Parade by,Masimba Mukichi, is one of the unputdownable books on Short stories and poetry. The short stories explore the world of ghosts,touches on social issues which affect our day-to-day living. The short stories are there to trigger deep thinking in the reader's mind, they are there to entertain, educate and to provide valuable lessons in life. Some of the lessons learnt from these short stories are directed to those who abuse animals.

They are being reminded that even the animals too, deserve better treatment from their owners - indeed the have blood too and they have basic needs to be satisfied by their owners. Inner Feelings Parade is a book of the moment, it is thrilling thought provoking and educative. It can leave you in stitches after a dull day at work. It can put a smile to those depressed and thought that life is not worth living.

The short stories also send a clear message to those warlords in our society who take advantage of the vulnerable children and use them as child soldiers, they are reminded that these children deserve to enjoy their childhood, they deserve a proper education, love, protection and above all a roof over their heads. They shouldn't be forced to jump whilst they are not given the chance to ask, why? Children have feelings too, they are reasonable beings who deserve better treatment.

The poems reflect the Inner Feelings of the poetic nature of the author. They are entertaining, informative and they cut across all age groups. They are written in free verse and they aptly sums the feelings of the author as a fighter for equal rights and respect for all creatures small and great. Indeed all creatures are equal in the eyes of the almighty. These stories knows no colour, they are colour blind. They appeal to every race. It is literature for the rainbow world. The poems explore issues on, death, illness, betrayal,hard work and society in general.The poems would leave the reader craving for more.

They would compel the reader to reflect on them after reading them, they can appeal to the mind and provide that entertainment and knowledge for those in search of both. The poems can foreworn the society on the dangers of binge drinking,the strain it puts on families and health facilities. Just some highlights of the inner feelings of the author through one of the poems contained in the book entitled: Home sweet home

My heart bleeds when I think of you,

The land of my birth, the land of milk and honey,

The land of mysterious rivers and mountains,

The land of an infectious smile, you smile to everyone.

Your beauty, your caring, and your hospitality is second to none.

Your vegetation is magnificent, in you there is a future.

In you there is a story to tell, in you there are rich and poor.

The haves and the have-nots, the able bodied and the vulnerable.

In you there is a hidden treasure, in you there is gold, bread and butter.

The butter is spread on bread by the chosen few.

The gold is for the mighty ones.

Your breasts are ready to give milk to everyone,

The strongest get the lion's share, survival of the fittest scares me.

The broad- chested ones enjoy your spoils, the weak feed on crumbs.

My gift for you is my grave, my final resting place is that anthill in my village.

Till dust to dust, I love you darling, the land of my birth.

Home sweet home, always remember that the broad-chested ones scare me.

They eat for us and live for us, whilst we get thinner and thinner.

They enjoy your milk alone,while we get poorer and poorer.

They oil and grease their hands with money from oil fields and blood diamonds,

They drive posh cars whilst we walk and hike to work.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating,so it is worthwhile to purchase this book and have a go on it. I bet you, you would enjoy it.The book is not so big and intimidating but the lessons in the short stories and poetry are great.An average reader can read this book in one sitting.It is worth purchasing to expand one's library base.

This book can be purchased at Amazon through the link provided below the article.The early bird catches the fat worm.Be the first to purchase it and spread the message of its sweetness to others like veld fire. Mind you - books don't catch a cold.Hurry while stock lasts. A good reading culture makes Jack an informed being.


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