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Interesting kids toys

Updated on August 5, 2016

Kids playing


Toys that are interesting for kids

I was wondering about the toys that are interesting for kids of all ages. The toys which really make kids to play with them for a little longer than just ten minutes. Many questions started to appear in my mind.

What kind of toys did we like when we were kids? Which were the toys we liked to play with? What is interesting for kids? And when these questions appear in my mind, I thought that this task will be really hard. But it wasn't.

I just realized that even little toys can make kids happy and even non-expensive toys can be interesting for hours...

Rubik's cube


Rubik's cube

It was interesting for us and is still interesting for our kids. Who doesn't like the colors that are on this cube? And the fact that you must solve same colors together sure is a challenge. Try to put Rubik's cube infront of your kid and you'll see what happens. Maybe he'll ignore it for a while, but I'm sure that soon he'll grab it and start to play with it.

The new Rubik's cubes are already in other shapes and bigger or smaller than 3x3x3. But they're ment for all population, sometimes even for adults. It's interesting, it's fun and it sure is a little bit addictive.

And they're also available in many colors.

4x4 cube former world record: 31.05 seconds


Jigsaw puzzles

These are also interesting. But you have to know, what your kid likes. There are many different jigsaw puzzles in stores, with different images and different sizes. It also depends of the age of your kid. For example: 4-years old kid should try to solve 104 pieces of jigsaw puzzles.

If your kid likes cartoons I recommend the cartoon image, because it will be interesting for him (example: Mickey Mouse, Winnie Pooh, Barbie...). But if your kid likes animals, I'd rather recommend those (example: horse, dog, cat,...). At the beginning you'll probably have to help them, but I'm sure that after 3 or 4 minutes he or she will say:''Well, mommy (daddy), I think I will continue by myself. I can do that.'' It's always interesting for them. Especially the colors and shapes are interesting. And they also learn - so this can be also educational for them.


Which child wouldn't like to have Furby? It's interesting and kids love it. They love to play with them. Recommended age for having Furby is 6 years, but many parents buy it even for younger kids.

Furby has his own personality, which depends of how you treat with him. They're available in many colors. You can tickle him, you can play with him, listen music with him and he also learns English language if you have time for him.

So, Furby is interesting, funny and it's worth of the money you spend for him.

LEGO blocks

These are another interesting toys for kids. They can build whatever they want. The play is joyfull and funny. Many colors, many different shapes and you surely need a lot of imagination. And we all know that kids have that.

It's fun, because even adults can play with LEGO bricks with kids. Or kids can play in group or by themselves. As I said, imagination is all in this ''game''.

Crayola crayons

This is always a good idea. Kids discover with drawing, painting and writing. Multiple colors for fun. It's always interesting for kids to draw, paint or write. Even if they just learn their first letters or first pictures. It doesn't matter. The most important is fun. To have a great time and enjoy to see our kids happy.

I'd be glad if you'd tell me what you think about it.....

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    • rommy1984 profile image

      Romana 4 years ago from Ljubljana,Slovenia

      Thank you for comment... It remembered me to my childhood too...

    • Careermommy profile image

      Tirralan Watkins 4 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      The Rubik's cube brings back so many great memories for me. I'm looking forward to when my kid's can figure them out. Thanks for the share.