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Interview with a Mermaid Princess About Her Adventures with Rubber Duckies, Bath Books, and Other Water Toys

Updated on November 17, 2016
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Seafarer Mama/Karen is a joyfully home-schooling parent who holds a B.A. in Psychology and M.Ed. in Elementary Education.

Ariel and Her Favorite Undersea Toy Treasury

Ariel, the 6-year-old mermaid
Ariel, the 6-year-old mermaid | Source
Red Fish
Red Fish | Source
Green Frog
Green Frog | Source
Dr. Seuss bath book
Dr. Seuss bath book | Source
Octopus and Mermaid Hug bath book
Octopus and Mermaid Hug bath book | Source
Elmo on his boat
Elmo on his boat | Source
Ariel's rubber duckies
Ariel's rubber duckies | Source
Small island of treasures
Small island of treasures | Source
Ariel's octopus babies; named Matt, Scott, and Ross
Ariel's octopus babies; named Matt, Scott, and Ross | Source
Two blue fish named "Sarah"
Two blue fish named "Sarah" | Source
Ariel's pink rosebud bath sponge
Ariel's pink rosebud bath sponge | Source

Ariel the mermaid princess dishes about her treasures

In a small cove by a secret island, Ariel, a little mermaid of about 6 years old, granted me an interview about where she spends most of her time and the menagerie of water toys she likes to play with.

The interview ~

Seafarer Mama: The first question I have for you is about this cove. What is your favorite part of this cove?

Ariel: I love the willow trees that surround the cove. Their branches are like curtains that give me shade on hot sunny days. I can stay behind them when I play hide-and-seek with my friends.

Seafarer Mama: What is your favorite thing to do in this cove?

Ariel: I like to swim and meet my friends to play games with them.

Seafarer Mama: Do you ever come here alone?

Ariel: Yes.

Seafarer Mama: What do you do then?

Ariel: I read [my bath] books, like "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" and "Mermaid Hug."

Seafarer Mama: Are there any more books you like to read?

Ariel: Yes, "Peter Rabbit."

Seafarer Mama: They sound like fun books. What is your favorite piece of treasure to play with?

Ariel: My red fish.

Seafarer Mama: What do you like to do with your red fish?

Ariel: I like to hold it while it swims, and to make it talk.

Seafarer Mama: What is your next favorite water treasure you like to play with?

Ariel: My green frog.

Seafarer Mama: What types of things do you do with your frog?

Ariel: I like to make it jump and talk. I make the green frog and red fish talk to each other.

Seafarer Mama : Is there anything else?

Ariel: I like to make the green frog jump on my head. That tickles my hair and makes me laugh.

Seafarer Mama : Which toy is next on your list of favorites?

Ariel: I like my "Elmo" on a rowboat. I make him race the red fish and the green frog.

Seafarer Mama : Who usually wins?

Ariel: Elmo does. Then I bring in Telly laying on his back on a raft. Elmo wins when Telly races, too.

Seafarer Mama : Are there any more treasures you include in your play here in the cove?

Ariel: There is a yellow boat shaped like an island, and I like to put all my friends on the boat to float on the water, and go places. I put Elmo and Telly, my purple octopus babies, Ernie with his rubber duckie tube around his middle, my little rubber duckies, the red fish, and the green frog on it. I give them all rides on the yellow boat from one end of the cove to the other. There is also a little shower that looks like a flower that rains water on my head. I give my friends showers, too.

Seafarer Mama :What about those octopus babies? What is their story?

Ariel: The octopus babies lost their mommy, so I have been taking care of them and playing with them. Their names are Matt, Scott, and Ross. I also have twin little blue fishes named Sarah. They all like me to read the octopus and mermaid hug book to them.

Seafarer Mama: Anyone else?

Ariel: Sometimes I like to play with my pink poof sponge. It is a pretty net that looks like a rose bud, and to have my friends float on rings down the length of the cove.

Seafarer Mama: You have a great collection of treasures to play with down here. Thank you for chatting with me about them.

Ariel: You're welcome.

We parted at that moment and she gracefully dove deeper into the sea, ready to eat dinner with her merfamily.

Ernie's "Rubber Duckie" song is Ariel's favorite

© 2010 Karen A Szklany


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