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Is Evony Dying?

Updated on July 2, 2013

Evony Home Page

Is Evony Dying?

While looking for interesting games to try out, I came across a banner ad for this game. I have tried it out and read up about it. I read an article from The link to the article from is posted below this article, if you want to see the article itself. It was about how so many people were duped into playing the game. The facts that it list about the game seem to be fairly accurate. For enough people, it is very addictive. While I tried the game out, I noticed something interesting. A lot of people try the game out for a little while and then stop playing it completely, It is possible that they only have one city because they logged on to a wrong server, but looking at the map on the server that I was on, I noticed that there were a lot of low prestige cities. Prestige is sort of a measure of how much you play and put into the game. I've also noticed that after awhile, people stop playing the game completely. Mostly people get bored or find other interesting things to do with their time. I have also noticed that the top people on the server have pretty much stopped playing. Looking at the top people of the server by prestige, I have noticed that a lot of players prestige have stopped increasing. Usually the top people of the server at least slowly increase their prestige by making more troops and farming for resources. It has been a long time since any of the top people had their prestige move, probably indicating that they have quit playing the game entirely.

Besides coming across the article from, I came across a very interesting YouTube video. That link is also posted below this article. It is basically about Evony's frauds and cheats. It shows in detail how Evony was built upon World of Warcraft gold farming money. It also notes in the end that it uses spyware to collect information from all the users that log into the site. Someone mentioned finding spyware from Evony while playing the game itself and he mentioned it to the other players that were playing the game.

You can also buy your way through the game, though it is very expensive to do so. The first version of Evony has a lot more servers than the second version which I'll call Age 2. Evony came out with this second version and managed to get about 45 servers at the time of this writing. On the home page it mentioned recently that it opened server 170 of age one. Age one seems to attract the most people. Age 2 attracted people for awhile but seems to have lost its appeal to a lot of people.

I haven't tried Age One, so I don't know how it differs from Age 2. I have also noticed that Evony keeps on trying to get people to buy their stuff by offering special "promotions" every now and then. The graphics of this game are fairly low compared to a lot of other games out there. The game is mostly just text, numbers, and a few pictures. What you can do in the game is fairly limited as well. Farming seems to be the major thing that players do in this game unless they are cheating and using bots to do their farming. It becomes very difficult to maintain a decent army and keep it fed, so most of the time players are just farming for resources.

There really hasn't been anything new that has been added to the game since it came out. Most of the articles that I saw were old and dated to about roughly the time when the game first came out. One trend that I have noticed in gaming in general is that if you don't keep on adding new content, people will leave the game no matter how good the game is. There is currently so much out there that people have a lot of choices on what to do with their time and how they choose to spend their money.

I've added some photos to show you what the game looks like at the bottom of this article. The first is the home page. The second is of the loading screen where the game sometimes seems to freeze or get stuck on. There are three main views in the game: the world map, town view, and city view. There are three snap shots of comments that people made about Evony when they announced that they were having closed beta testing for their new project Tynon.

The first comment capsule points out that Evony has no real battle graphics. It is basically just typing some numbers of the units that you want to send and getting a report if the attack was successful or not. The second comment capsule points out that instead of working on making Evony better or coming out with an Age 3, the makers of Evony have decided to make a new game altogether. The other comment in the second capsule points out that it seems that people do spend thousands of dollars on this game and use bots or need to farm basically 24/7 for resources. The third comment points out how Evony was executed and how the new game will probably be executed in the same manner.

So to answer my own question, I would say that Evony is dying. I am not sure how long it will last. It is possible that they may come up with something to keep it alive, but I really don't see that happening.

Evony Home Page

Evony Loading Screen

World Map of Game

Town View of Game

City View of Game

Evony Comments One

Evony Comments Two

Evony Comments Three


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