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Is Pokemon GO the Best Exercise App? Tips and Tricks To Playing

Updated on July 11, 2016

Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is the hottest game to hit the market and Pokemon fans worldwide are spending hours accidently getting some exercise.

Unlike other handheld games or interactive games that have you sitting in front of your computer, this one requires players leave the comfort of their homes and go out into the ‘real’ world. Using GPS technology and the camera in your smartphone, all players need to do is walk around their neighbourhood, visit real landmarks and you’ll probably end up discovering places they have never noticed before. And what is the purpose? Simply to capture Pokemon characters.

Common characters like Pidgey and Zubat are pretty much everywhere, if you are looking for Doduos and Weedles you’re going to need to explore.

Beware: Pokemon Go is addictive!

Pokemon Maternity Clothing

If you love Pokemon GO, take a look at this range of Pokemon clothing that can be worn during pregnancy and postpartum. Cute designs for men, women and kids.

Download the free Pokemon Go App

When you first download the free Pokemon App, and start it up, you'll find three starter Pokemon nearby — Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirrel.

The first tip is you need to choose one to catch in a pokeball by swiping on your screen.

What is amazing is that these cute characters are not just animated but appear in your real surroundings. They look like they are really there. And they can literally show up anywhere. Be prepared and on the lookout.

Of course capturing new monsters is the name of the game. A display at the bottom of your phone shows which species are near and how far away they are, and they could pop

Getting started on Pokemon GO

So what is Pokemon GO?

It is a game. Actually it is more than just a game you play on your smartphone - Android or iPhone.

It's stated as being one of the most creative, virtual reality games that's resulting in people worldwide exercising more than ever without realising it.

Playing is straightforward but a challenge. All you need to do is download the free app, sign up and pick a nickname for yourself. You're then given a few items with which to capture and take care of Pokemon.

And if you are not sure what Pokemon even are, they are cartoon creatures that live in this game, taking the place of animals in this universe.


Keep an eye out for berries as you progress to higher levels. You will be able to pick these up at Pokestops. Berries are a clever tool to help you increase your chances of capturing Pokemon. Feed berries to Pokemon. Good luck!

Battery Life

Walking around with high accuracy GPS enabled is going to chew up your battery life, but Pokemon GO seems to amplify that tenfold. You may want to get yourself a battery pack, or a second phone.

Tips for playing Pokemon Go

Logging on

There are now two methods to login. One using Google and one using the "The Pokemon Club". If you use the wrong method, just logout and log back in using the other method.

Is there a real difference between the teams?

After you play for a bit you'll be asked to join one of three teams. Red, yellow or blue. The introduction of the teams implies that yellow, blue and red are somehow focused on hatching, evolution and combat respectively, however there is no clear sign as to how this necessarily translates to gameplay. Some players believe that there is no gameplay difference between the teams. Whilst others claim that is you don't pick yellow, you will forever feel like you made the wrong decision.

Looking for more Pokemon characters?

If you want to track down one particular nearby Pokemon, open the "Nearby" screen and click on it. Now rather than showing you the three closest Pokemon on the main screen it will show you the distance to the selected one.

Rustling leaves

Rustling leaves on your map are also an indication of nearby Pokemon.

Keep for eye our for Pokemon footprints

Keep a close look out for the number of footprints, or paw prints underneath each Pokemon character's name when you are looking 'nearby'.

  • Zero footprints - There is a Pokemon very very close
  • One footprint - There is a Pokemon close by
  • Two or more footprints - Pokemon are around by you'll need to walk more to find them

Discover Pokemon GO

Try to avoid spending real money playing Pokemon Go

Whilst Pokemon Go is free to download and play on an iPhone or Android smartphone, be aware that there are in-app purchases. Adding real money can help you speed up the game however with hard work, time and dedication you can achieve it all. Without spending a cent!

This is just the start of our advice for playing Pokemon Go.

Are you playing it? Do you have any tips or advice to share? Please comment below!

Learn How To Throw Poke Balls Properly

Catching a Pokemon can be tricky. And it comes down to how cleverly you can throw poke balls. The trick is to wait until the ring inside the circle is at it’s smallest. (Thanks to the developers for this tip). Of course you can just throw it whenever you want and at the easier levels you will certainly have success, but as things get harder, and you are trying to grab Pokemon with great and master balls, you may need to be more precise.

While your area might not be filled with the Pokemon you want, you can always get a regular supply of Pokemon thanks to lures and incense. And if you’re going to spend money on anything, those are the two items that are the most valuable starting out.

Don't waste your money buying poke balls. You'll be able to get plenty of poke balls as pokestops (as well as potions).

Is Pokemon GO the best exercise excuse?

Many gamers are claiming that Pokemon GO is the best game they have ever played because it actually encourages them to get outside and walk. Even if you are not overweight, everyone can benefit greatly from daily walks.

So if you HATE exercising for the sake of exercising, this gives you a good excuse to get out and go for a walk while doing something.

Privacy concerns with Pokemon GO?

This is where Pokemon GO gets tricky. There are potential privacy concerns 'just around the corner'.

Just because you can see a Pokemon in a spot, doesn't mean you have access to that spot. If the Pokemon or spot is inside a building that you don't have access to, like a place of business, government building, or someone else's home, it's not easy to do your thing. This leads to people slowly creeping up on or wandering around places, trying to get in range to capture a Pokemon. There's also the situations where transit is involved - on a crowded city street, bus, train, or even your car - and an immediate stop to catch a Pokemon might be a bad idea.

Even if you have access to an area with Pokemon, other people may be present. People who aren't playing Pokemon GO and who may think you're taking pictures of them, their stuff, or their place of work. You're not, but having to explain what you are doing is pretty odd.

Pokemon GO players need to remember real-world risks

Concern is mounting for the safety of Pokemon GO players worldwide with those engrossed playing, wandering around unaware of passing traffic and real hazards. As players, known as Pokemon trainers, walking the streets with your head in your phone trying to catch and train fictional creatures, or Pokemon, can mean you have unexpected accidents.

In the US, players have already begun reporting injuries as they wander the real world with their eyes glued to their phone screens in search of digital monsters. Emergency Services issued a warning to budding Pokemon trainers to "look up, away from your phone and both ways before crossing the street". It may sound logical but when you are busy catching a little critter you may just forget!

And if you are thinking of playing whilst driving. Don't! Driving is a complex task that requires full concentration, it is essential drivers minimise the risk of distraction in their vehicle at all times.


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