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Is Pokémon Good or Evil?

Updated on November 5, 2012

Is Pokémon Good or Evil?


The Pokémon craze is not as prolific or intense as it was a decade ago at the height of its popularity, but make no mistake: the phenomenon is still going strong. The Pokémon brand has spawned a widely-popular trading card game, numerous titles for the Nintendo Gameboy, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo Gamecube, three films in the United States and several more in Japan, toys, comic books, t-shirts, board games, and more, and is the second-most popular video game brand in the world behind the Mario series.

With all of this popularity, it is understandable that Pokémon would stir up some controversy. Indeed, after the original games were released, people all over the world began asking the question: “Is Pokémon good or evil?” While there is not a definitive answer to that question –it is all your opinion, after all – we can at least take a look at the various arguments presented over the years.

Is Pokémon Good or Evil?- What Is Good and Evil?

To answer this question, we first have to figure out definitions for the terms good and evil. What, exactly, is good? What is evil? How you define these words depends greatly on who you are and what you believe. Some look at it from a religious standpoint, while some look at the debate from a non-religious moral standpoint. Others say that good and evil depends on what effects the topic has on people; if it negatively affects individuals - in this instance, children – then it is evil, regardless of what it is.

Is Pokémon Good or Evil?- Arguments for Evil

Those who say that the game and brand are evil typically base their views on religious grounds (but not always). For example, some Christian parents have criticized Pokémon for advocating a world that contains magic, which, they argue, is like witchcraft and is evil according to their religious beliefs.

There are arguments against the game that aren’t religious, though. Many parents criticize Pokémon for featuring a game that revolves around violence. Others have said that Pokémon is evil because it encourages violence towards animals as well as humans, and teaches children that fighting with others is the way to solve a problem.

Is Pokémon Good or evil?- Arguments for Good

Supporters of Pokémon disagree with the critics who claim that the game is evil. They point to the positive lessons taught by the game itself and the other products (TV shows, movies, etc.) that it has inspired: teamwork, dedication, commitment, courage, and honor. They point to the fact that the main characters are role-models who compete honorably within a rule system and treat each other with respect. They are also best friends, which, supporters argue, encourages friendship.

Supporters also say that Pokémon is not evil because it is just a game that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Plus, they say, other games – such as first-person shooters – are much more violent and deserving of criticism that is leveled at Pokémon.

So, what is the answer? As stated above, it really depends on your perspective. One thing is for sure, though; Pokémon is definitely here to stay.



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    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Pokemon is not evil.I been in to it sense I was five.and I happen to be a strong long as you put God frist and know the differents between real and makebeleave you can be in to anything you what and as long as it not evil pokemon has no bad language no sex content and I can't think of an instent drugs have been involved and as for a pokemon makeing the world on the story line that's a made-up world its fiction like the farery tells we'v all listened to growing put a scock in it and let kid's be happy.God want's His children to be happy! so stop makeing a moten out of a molehill leave pokemon alone and pick on dragin ball z, bayblade or yuigiho for a change.

    • profile image

      Canada 5 years ago

      To those who think Poke`mon is evil, think deep into your mind. You can't protect your kids from EVERYTHING. If your child can't tell reality from fiction, I suggest keeping their heads out of the fictional world. -.- Which is impossible...

      Also...69 is at the top of the page. Subliminal messaging-even if it was accidental.

    • profile image

      mm 5 years ago

      PS that was not directed at the original blog post mostly, but as a reply to a comment...this format doesn't seem to have those in the comments area.

    • profile image

      mm 5 years ago

      The brainwashing comment is off the mark. That's not what it is at all. I don't think the game is evil, but I don't like the religion=bad indications. And it shouldn't be so hard to accept God's existence. Logic says that things don't just come into being on their own. Aside from God, who always has been and has no beginning or end, things exist because someone created them. The evidence is all around you.

    • Pikachusif profile image

      Pikachusif 6 years ago from Castelia City, Unova

      Florida Guy! Thank you for shining light on this glorious subject!

      As an avid Pokemon fan, I believe that Pokemon is solely based on- and all traits, of good. Courage, teamwork, honor, cooperation, friendship, good sportsmanship, all of these traits are exhibited in Pokemon, as Ash and his companions venture across wondrous regions and encounter character and trust building obstacles that they overcome eventually. I believe that their religion has grabbed them by the throat and has 'brainwashed' them to think its all about religion. I am an atheist, but, if I were a christian, I would definitely not let wool be pulled over my eyes on this subject, and I would know that Pokemon is all for teamwork, respect and justice.

      P.S. If you want to learn a lot more about Pokemon, check out my Hubs sometime! Thanks!

    • tjmatel3 profile image

      Peter Grant 7 years ago from McDonough, GA

      Thanks for helping me to ponder the question. My boys love Pokemon and I really do not have an opinion of whether they are good or evil. As a Christian, I have an issue with appears to be too much violence. Good or evil? Still need to decide.

    • ladyjane1 profile image

      ladyjane1 7 years ago from Texas

      Good hub, I don't know if Pokeman is evil or not, I never really had anything to with them, my kids were way too old for them but thanks for an interesting hub. Cheers.