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Is Speed Boost Blaziken Legal?

Updated on March 25, 2012

Quick Answers to Pokemon Questions

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Abilities and Pokemon Battling

If there is one thing that changed things for Pokemon battling, it's the abilities. They now have a huge impact on how different Pokemon battle, for instance Pokemon with levitate are immune to ground moves, Pokemon with Flash Fire actually enjoy being hit by fire type moves.

These abilities have expanded, from one, maybe two per Pokemon, to many having 3. This is in part thanks to the Dream World. Pokemon in the Dream World, a new part of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, will have new abilities that they wouldn't have be able to have otherwise.

One of these is the Pokemon Blaziken. It receives the Dream World ability 'Speed Boost'. But not all Pokemon have their Dream World abilities activated yet, so is the speed boost Blaziken legal?

Speed Boost Blaziken - Legal or not?
Speed Boost Blaziken - Legal or not?

Is the speed boost Blaziken legal?

So is the speed boost Blaziken legal?

Yes and no. Sounds like a cop out answer right? Well, not so much.

There really are speed boost Blazikens that are legal, but only if they are male. You see there was a release of Torchic's (the prevolution of Blaziken) that had the speed boost ability. But these were only male.

This is important, as because female's are needed to pass on Dream World abilities. Without a female with the dream world ability it can't be passed on. So in the case of the speed boost Blaziken, only the original Torchic's released can become the Blaziken, no more are available.

So yes, a speed boost Blaziken is legal, but only if it's male.

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The Importance of Abilities

Think we were over stating the importance of abilities to Pokemon battling?

Smogon is a web site that is dedicated to Pokemon battling in a competitive atmosphere. They specialise in getting the best from Pokemon. They also create 'leagues' of Pokemon, those in certain leagues (known as tiers) are not allowed to compete in leagues below.

In the case of Blaziken it was, until the release of the speed boost Blaziken, a strictly mid league battler. But then the speed boost Blaziken changed things. It jumped from being a mid table Pokemon to being one of the very few non legendary Pokemon in the 'Uber' tier, it was considered too powerful and essential in the lower tiers to be acceptable.

This shows the importance of abilities in Pokemon battling - they really can make all the difference

Blaziken's Sky Upper Cut


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    • MrPokemon profile image

      MrPokemon 5 years ago

      Actually pretty sure it doesnt mean that...if only because it was me writing it and I decide what I mean. YOU may be looking for whether speed boost Blaziken is tournament legal or not, but that wasn't the aim of this piece - the aim was to show how it is only obtainable in certain conditions, if those conditions aren't met then it is not legal.

      The very obvious reason I don't discuss it's legality in a tournament is because it varies from tournament to tournament. Most English speaking 'pro battlers' use various sites to find battles, and those sites organise them into tiers. For one site it may be 'Uber' and so only legal in no limitation matches, whilst for others it may be OU - so able to be used in OU AND Uber matches.

      Tournaments vary too much for me to be able to say with any clarity that speed boost Blaziken is legal or otherwise. Want to know if it's legal? Check the tournament rules, far better than a general Google search.

    • profile image

      TheWaspKing00 5 years ago

      Ummmmm ok? I'm pretty sure the question means "Tournament Legal" not literally ._. and by "Tournament Legal" i mean "What a majority of Gen 5 Pokemon Tournaments use"