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Is The Average Mafia Wars Review Good Or Bad?

Updated on May 30, 2011

Is The Average Mafia Wars Review Good Or Bad?

Especially for the avid gamers out there, deciding on which game to tackle next can often be quite difficult. There are hundreds of games released every year and picking which you want to try your hand at next is not always the easiest. The Mafia Wars game is a relatively new one. Based around the Italian mafia, it constantly receives rave reviews and there are a few reasons why.

One of the main reasons a Mafia Wars review is usually so positive is because this is such an exciting game. For the most part, gamers want to have a game that is going to allow them to really get into it and be thrilled. If you’re like so many gamers out there who love a good time when playing your video games, Mafia Wars is a great choice for you. You get to choose between a variety of players which is another benefit talked about in Mafia Wars reviews.

Players enjoy this game because it’s an RPG or role playing game. This role playing game has you starting off as a gangster in New York. The main goal of the game is for you to make your way across the United States and put together your own mafia as you go along.  You get to cause a lot of mayhem and destruction along the way and some reviewers feel that Mafia Wars is most similar to the Grand Theft Auto series of games.

A lot of people review the Mafia Wars game well because there are a lot of great cheat codes that work for the game. Some people rely on these cheats to help them get through difficult parts of the game while others like to spice things up and make it more challenging. Players also enjoy this game because of how many cheat codes are available to use which can either make the gamer easier or more difficult. Go online and take the time to read some Mafia Wars reviews for yourself.

Reading through Mafia Wars reviews will not only help you decide whether or not this is a game you’ll enjoy playing but as well they will offer tips and ideas you can use if you do decide to play. Remember, reviews are given from players just like you who know what features to look for in a game and what makes it worth playing. By taking the time to read reviews you can then make the best decision on whether or not this game is right for you. If you check your local video game store or even go online, you may be able to play a trial version and really see if you like it or not.


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