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Is The Nintendo 3DS Worth All The Fuss?

Updated on May 16, 2011

Nintendo 3DS System Review

Since the Nintendo DS was first introduced in 2004, this portable games console has gone from strength to strength. Popular with children and adults of all ages, it lets people take a huge range of games with them on the go. And its latest incarnation, the Nintendo 3DS, has pushed the boundaries of gaming by bringing users 3D games without the need to wear glasses!

Nintendo 3DS Features

The new Nintendo 3DS is available in the colors "Cosmic Black" and "Aqua Blue" and comes with the following new 3D features:

* 3D pictures without the need to wear glasses,

* 3D depth slider to let you decide how much 3D you want,

* Plays 3D games,

* Lets you take 3D pictures,

* Parental controls to restrict 3D mode for children aged 6 and under,

* Wireless connection with SpotPassTM and StreetPassTM to allow you to connect with other Nintendo 3DS users.

You'll also notice:

* New inputs: motion sensor, gyro sensor and Circle Pad,

* Adjustable stylus,

* 6 AR cards that the 3DS can read and translate to in-game items,

* AC adapter now comes with a charging cradle,

* Preinstalled software: Face RaidersTM, Nintendo 3DS Sound, download service to purchase more games,

* SD card slot (the 3DS comes with a 2GB memory card),

* Internal and external cameras,

* Wi-Fi access.

Pros And Cons Of The Nintendo 3DS

Do we really need to say it? The main pro of the 3DS is that you'll get to play games - and even take pictures - in 3D without wearing glasses! 3D really is the hottest craze in technology at the moment, but its biggest drawback has always been the glasses. To play your 3D DS games without them really is an experience in itself! The resolutions on both the touch screen and the main 3D screen have also been improved since previous versions.

The 3D screen is able to work without glasses thanks to a different column of pixels being displayed for each eye. Because of this, you have to be in the exact right position to get it to work - this means having the 3DS around 12 inches from your face, perfectly flat relative to your eyes. Unfortunately, if you don't hold it in this exact position you won't see the 3D image correctly and it'll split into two. The slider gives you some flexibility by strengthening the 3D effect if you want to hold the device further away.

Fortunately, most people who have used and reviewed the Nintendo 3DS have said that they quickly got used to exactly how they needed to hold the console for the perfect 3D effect.

What If You Already Own A DS?

Whether you own any previous DS or not, you can't fail to notice the difference with the new 3D feature! If you do already have a DS, then this feature alone is well worth the upgrade if you want to experience something new.

You'll find the new 3DS extremely easy to use when you do upgrade, as things work in generally the same way. The design is the same, with a few small changes in weight and size, depending on which DS you've been using. Those who have older DS models will find that it feels a lot lighter and faster.

The main difference you'll notice is that the directional pad has been moved down to make way for the new circle pad. The new pad is easy to use and great for newer games. You can use it for older DS games, too, but fans of those older games who prefer the D-pad may find it a little less comfortable to use that they're used to.


There's no denying that the new Nintendo 3DS comes at a price, and you're the only one who can decide whether it's worth buying. The 3D screen does not add anything to the gameplay itself, but it makes it look a lot better and greatly improves the gaming experience. If you want to stay at the top of technology, or if you've never owned a DS before but would like to play games on the move, then this is an exciting new development!

Buy The Nintendo 3DS System At Amazon

Starter Kit - Black for 3DS
Starter Kit - Black for 3DS

3DS Starter Kit - Black


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Is The Nintendo 3DS Worth All The Fuss?

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