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Is Your Kid Addicted to Computer Games – Find out How Can You Help

Updated on December 28, 2015

Things have changed in all these years and how! Kids no longer require any playground, they can play right at their home through a laptop or desktop. If your kid loves to play football and it’s a bad weather outside, he can still enjoy the thrill through a football game. Same goes for other sports such as tennis, badminton, rugby – you name it and you’ll find an associated game for the same available for personal computer users.

There is no doubt that online games entertain us. We can play these at our leisure or just for fun – the choice is ours. However, too much of anything always creates problems and online games again can be detrimental if you let your kids play these throughout the day.

Psychologists, on today’s time are anxious because of kids’ addiction to games and it is actually becoming one of the biggest reasons to worry about for them. As the number of kids addicted to games is increasing with each passing day, it can safely be stated that this is indeed a curse of the new age computer games. The graphics are just awesome to say the least and it’s pretty obvious for a kid to see them and get into an imaginary world altogether. It’s not only about addiction, but kids have immature minds too. When it comes to the action games, the violence is so brutal that it is bound to leave an ever lasting impact on their minds.

So the big question arises now! How is it possible for us to prevent our kids from getting addicted to these games? Also, if he is addicted already, how should we help him to come out of this situation and lead a normal life again?

Let’s start this way. Set a predefined time period of every day for the kid when he is allowed to play computer games. Now, whether you want him to play only on weekends or throughout the week is entirely your decision. Remember one thing, you should not just stop them from playing games altogether. This will cause bad results. Rather make them understand that they should restrict themselves from playing the game. Remember that making a routine is very easy, but things make sense when you actually make him stick to that. If you are not sure about how to make the routine, talk to your kids directly and try to come up with something that should not cause any trouble for the kids.

If you are not able to create a routine or make your kid stick to that, you can do another thing. Notice when your kid indulges in computer gaming the most. It’s best to keep your kid out of the home at that time. There are various ways of doing that actually. Let him pursue his hobby at that time, take him out for a walk at the park, take him to some amusement park, movie or even dinner if possible. This lets you spend some more quality time with your kid as well, enhancing the bond further that you already share with your kid.

11 Horrifying Cases Of Video Game Addiction

Not that I want to make anybody horrified, but check the below video out. Some of the most horrifying cases of video game addiction are listed there and by going through the same, you may understand how big of a problem video game addiction really is.

Some computer games are known to be the most addictive ones such as the WOW series, the FIFA series, Tekken series etc. How to prevent your kid from playing any of these? Just don’t buy these for your kid, simple! If they are already a fan, they may start protesting at the initial stages, but, it’s your duty to talk to him and make him understand that why he cannot play that specific game. If he understands what you said and don’t play any of those at all, you should not forget to reward him with a small gift.

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Well, I have mentioned a lot of steps above, but if you see that nothing is working, don’t waste your time and take your kid to a child psychologist. They are professionals and they know their job best. So, if the situation has taken a worse turn already, you should trust the psychologists. They will come up with the best possible suggestions and may suggest certain medications too. Well, these medicines are certainly not harmful to your kids or don’t have any such side effects either, so you can be relieved.

Remember that addiction to games is not at all a type of mental health disorder. However, on advanced stages, your kid can start behaving like the ones who are mentally challenged. Take right action at the right time to avoid such happenings and things should automatically become better. Never lose hope and remember it’s your job to show your kid the correct path to take – so never stop doing that.


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