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Is it Worth Getting: Darksiders 2 Review (no spoilers)

Updated on August 15, 2012

Darksiders 2 review(no spoilers)

(There are no major spoilers ahead) I'm going to make one big point right off the bat, if you don't like killing the minions of hell, heaven, and everything in between, or if for some silly reason you plan to do anything besides playing video games for the next few days of your life, you probably won't want to get Darksiders 2. Darksiders 2 is a hack and slash game made by Vigil the follows one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, Death, on his journey to restore humanity from extinction and redeem his brother, War. Darksiders 2 is much like Darksiders, or any intense fighting game (i.e. God of War or Devil May Cry) in it's fast paced and epic combat, but the things that set Darksiders 2 in a class of it's own are a mix of both consistency and creativity. Of course the story itself is incredibly original, seeing as how your brother,another one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, has been falsely accused of bringing extinction to humanity prematurely, you decide to rectify the crime by bringing humanity back from extinction (since I don't want to spoil the surprise, I won't say how). Darksiders 2 is very lore oriented, and has at some times, thrown so much lore in your face at once, that it makes the game seem like it is progressing to quickly. In regards to the most important part, the gameplay; it is fluid, intense, and actually a challenge, even on only normal difficulty. In Darksiders, you were a big, hulking, beast of a warrior, who could stand and block whenever he wants, but Death is swift, unable to match the power of War, Death doesn't block but rather dodges his enemies strike's, only to turn his swiftness and acrobatics from a shield to a weapon, allowing Death to attack at an insane rate . So even though you can feel like an untouchable reaper of souls, you are actually relatively frail, so use your agility to it's prime potential to avoid (ironically) death. This agility is also shown in the platforming that Darksiders 2 presents, which gets progressively harder as you unlock more gear to aid yourself , such as massive rock companions, and a grappling hand (not hook). Another new feature to Darksiders 2 is the gear system , now instead of having only the few mixed weapons given to everybody, you now acquire new weapons and armor by killing enemies and smashing chests, much like most RPG's. Since Vigil actually wanted to have even more customization in Darksiders 2, you can now align your new skill points in either the blade wielding harbringer skill tree, or the magical necromancer skill tree. These new changes in Darksiders 2 achieve Vigils goal of making every Death unique. As always with Darksiders, the combat is the best part, allowing you to combine different weapons mid combo; such as scythes, hammers, gauntlets, abilities, and even your god-like reaper form to create insane attacks that cut down even the most impressive foe. Vigil didn't cut the graphics on Darksiders either. Since Death is transversing so many different realms, the art team went crazy, creating a city of the Makers, ice tomb of the crow king, and even a gigantic flying city of the dead, pulled by two massive serpents. These environments hold their own individual challenges for Death, in both the categories of combat and platforming. While Darksiders 2 is defiantly an incredible game, it does suffer from some draw backs; such as periodic lag, a semi unfulfilled ending, and (in my opinion the worst) a story and plot that seems so dynamic, but suffers from everything seeming to happen too fast and not giving you enough time to actually realize the awesome feats you just accomplished as the incarnation of Death itself. But while it does have a few flaws, they are mainly nit-picky, and don't take too much away for the incredible achievement that is Darksiders 2.


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