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Is it Worth Getting: Deadlight

Updated on August 2, 2012


Searching for games that are worth your money and time can be tedious and frustrating. Since most people don't want to spend hours on the internet trying to find out if a game is worth getting, I decided to help out. In this article, I don't tell you if a game is good or not, I simply notice the ups and downs, and help you figure out if a game is worth getting, and today we'll be looking at Deadlight for the Xbox Arcade. As always the most important peice of information comes first, which is that Deadlight is not so much a "Kill every zombie with crazy weapons game", but rather a puzzle platformer, with the zombies there to add suspense. If you want to play an arcade version of Left for Dead, look elsewhere buddy, because it's not here. As I mentioned prior, Deadlight is a game that is based more on plot and atmosphere rather than combat. The lighting and visuals are stunning, combined with the 2D aspect , it makes Randall Wayne, the main character, seem more of a shadow figure than a real person. The sad thing about the incredible environment is that the actual puzzles themselves can become highly repetative, with only one path avaible to complete the level. This path is usually marked by a glowing block or a sign that rips away any sense of pride when you complete a level, since you didn't really figure anything out. The zombies in this game, much like the atmosphere and puzzle aspect, are there mainly for plot. While I have had some minor struggles, in all truth the environment is so consuming and the narration so depressing, zombies really don't cause much of a scare. They have almost just become a moving puzzle, since your primary melee weapon, a fire axe, can only be swung a few times before your stamina is burned, and bullets are so few and far between, aviodance and movenment become your best friends. If you really dumb Deadlight down enough, it is a simple game, get from point A to point B. The true worth of this game comes from the mind blowing enviromnet, while the actual gameplay becomes repetitive by the time you finish the game( around 3 to 4 hours long). The best way to put it is that Deadlight is a story, you can become engulfed in it and it's beauty, but the story can only be told one, semi-repetative, way. Deadlight was made by Tequila works for the Xbox Arcade and costs fifteen US dollars. (release Aug 1st)


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    • atechwiz profile image

      atechwiz 4 years ago

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the game. I have been interested in looking at this title myself.