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Is it Worth Getting: Orcs Must Die! 2

Updated on August 1, 2012

Orcs Must Die! 2

The whole purpose of hunting down trailers, reading Dev blogs, and meticulously finding out everything humanly possible about any given game is to find out if the game is worth getting. What I try do is help to eliminate frustration caused from a lack of information by playing a game and telling you all you need to know in regards to purchasing said game, in this case: Orcs Must Die! 2. The first little piece of information, the one that is arguably the most crucial, is that Orcs Must Die! 2 is a tower defense game combined with third person shooter aspects, so if that isn't your type of game, you may want to look for entertainment elsewhere. But if you love tower defense games, magic powers, third person shooters, and killing orcs, then you have pretty much found the holy grail. When you start up the game you can either make a war mage or a sorceress, but you can make more characters later on that can be either class so the initial choice isn't too important. The game revoles around three primary peices of equipment, gear, traps, and trinkets. Gear are you weapons, and each weapon can get upgraded and advanced for a certain price of skulls (the in game currency rewarded for completing a level), traps are exactly what you think they are, you can lay down traps both before the game and during it as new situations arise, and finally trinkets are passive equipment that do, again, exactly what you would expect, such as bonus damage or constant healing. As you probably assumed the male war mage character can equip more close range gear while the female sorceress can equip more long range magic gear. Both classes have access to different traps as well, but sometimes they are just different names for practically the same thing, these traps can also be independently upgraded before the game for skulls, but there are no mid combat upgrades for these traps, unlike many previous tower defense games. The real joy that can be found from this game is that all your weapons and traps are set on hotkeys and so during the middle of an onrush of hundreds of raging orcs, when you realize that one of you sides is inadequately equipped, you have either to rush over on your own, leaving you partner to suffer the horde, or go together and try to spearhead your way through, lay down a wall of spike traps, and then instantly realize that now you have lost the favorable positioning, and must retreat back to the bridge to make your final stand. To put it more simply, it is a crazy fast paced game that strives off chaos. The game can be played either single player or two person co-op, and cost 15$ on Steam. While I do think it is a little pricing for the lack of new features, it is one of those games that only after playing through a hectic five rounds of onslaught, you realize that your mouth hurts from laughing so much and screaming at your friend to put down a god damn tar pit, which is so rare in games now that it makes Orcs Must Die! 2 a novelty.


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