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Is there a Claptrap in Headstone Mine? (Borderlands)

Updated on November 27, 2011

Is there a Claptrap in Headstone Mine? (Borderlands - Xbox 360 game)

If there is a claptrap in Headstone Mine? No, there is not. This is just a common misunderstanding as Sledge’s name comes up with a search on claptraps and therefore many players think they have lost out on a claptrap, and thus lost out on bonus SDUs. The glowing artifact which might be misperceived as being a repair kit, is actually something else… completely. Without spoiling anything, I will just say that you will use this at a later point in the game, after you have had a friendly chat with Sledge (ps – you two are not friends).

List of Claptrap locations:

There are 10 claptraps awaiting you in the Borderlands universe. I am just going to reveal the 10 maps which they can be found, and nothing more, as I do not want to take away the pleasure of finding them for yourselves:

1. Sledge’s Safehouse

2. Lost Cave

3. New Haven

4. Crazy Earl’s Scrapyard

5. Krom’s Canyon

6. Tetanus Warrens

7. Trash Coast

8. Old Haven

9. Salt Flats

10. Crimson Fastness


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    • stugod profile image

      Stuart Goddard 6 years ago from Bradford

      I wish I understood a word of it resolver. Last game I played on a pc was Grand theft Auto. One month later I emerged out of the den unshaven and dishevelled. Never played one since. Man know thyself I think you would call it.