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Is Blizzard Evil?

Updated on July 16, 2011

Is Blizzard evil?

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Update: From the poll it seems like 2/3 of the people who come by think that its blizzard and about 31% think that it is due to Activision

Recently blizzard the gaming company known for hits like Starcraft 2 and Warcraft have fallen afoul of its fans over certain questionable decisions. They have been like the big and giant player of computer games, and some people believe that this might have gone into their heads resulting in them trying to link with Facebook and propose Real ID of which the backlash has been sufficiently fierce for them to backtrack. Many long time players have found that their trust in Blizzard has been severely damaged. Like the furore Facebook has consistently raised over its privacy concerns, Blizzard seems to have taken a leaf from their book in wanting some integration with Facebook. Others attribute greedy profit making to the Activision part of Activison Blizzard.

Some now feel that the greedy corporate executives are starting to wrench control over the people who are there to make great games, and profit but not at the expense of the people who support them by buying their games. Perhaps money had gone into the heads of those who were only concerned with the quarterly profit reports and to that they would sacrifice their people, much like the huge banks around the world. Apparently even the internal employees in Blizzard as well as their creative teams had been strongly against the Real ID decisions. Blizzard heads have had their control over battle net taken out of their hands.

Starcraft 2 gamers
have also had many concerns over the direction in which Starcraft II Battlenet was headed. Perhaps this is a start of a serious downward trend. Some have even canceled their subscriptions to WoW.

Others have decided to cancel their preorders for starcraft 2. It seems that Blizzards customer base has slowly changed from gamers to advertisers. Angry gamers might soon be banging out complaints on their Starcraft 2 Keybaords soon

The divide has even made it such that the number of 1 stars was closely parallel to the 5 stars for the starcraft 2 game on the Amazon shopping portal!

Of course none of this will stop people from buying starcraft merchandise like starcraft 2 shirts or starcraft 2 mousepads.

Was it a storm in a teacup? Only time will tell.


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    • Csjun89 profile image

      Csjun89 7 years ago

      Agree with you totally there, money has gone to their head

      Congrats on 1000 followers btw :D

    • billyaustindillon profile image

      billyaustindillon 7 years ago

      Sounds like they forgot who made them what they are - I will keep an eye on this story thanks.