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Items To Put In An Adult Pinata

Updated on September 6, 2014

Adult pinatas can be an entertaining experience at a party. I remember when I was a child how much fun it was to take a swing at the pinata while attending a party. All of the kids would go wild for the treats that fell out. Adult pinatas can be just as fun and here are some items you may want to use to fill an adult pinata.

If you are looking to stuff your pinata with some alcohol, mini bottles of liquor can be used. These can be found in liquor stores. You may also want to fill the pinata with liquor filled chocolate bottles. These are individually wrapped chocolates that contain liquor inside.

Scratch off lottery tickets are another way to help fill up an adult pinata. People will have fun scratching these tickets off and seeing if they won any money. Tickets are sold as low as a dollar per ticket. This gives your guests a chance fun chance to win.

Nostalgic candies can also be used to fill a pinata for adults. Filling the pinata with retro candies that your guests might remember eating or seeing as a child would be a nice idea. Some suggestions are boxes of candy cigarettes, tootsie roll pops, wax bottles, candy necklaces and lemon heads.

Depending on how much you would like to spend to fill the pinata, you could throw one or more of $5 or $10 gift cards in there. You can purchase gift cards from Wawa, Pizza Hut, Walmart and many other places. You may also want to fill the pinata with some money. Loose change or dollar bills can be added as a pinata treat.

For more risque items, you can put sexual novelties or condoms in the pinata. These might be fun at a bachelor or bachelorette party.


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