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Jazzy Snowman

Updated on December 13, 2014

Jazzy Music Ornament


Jazzy Snowman

So, there is so much snow, and the children have already made several snowmen this winter. How do you keep the activity fresh? How do you make it a creativity project where the children can develop their creativity skills? And, how do you make a snowman really stand out from all of those other snowmen? The answers to these can give you a whole new, and wonderful, way of looking at snowman building. And the answer does not cost much at all.

The Snowman’s Hat

Traditionally, a snowman has a black top hat. Why? Why not put some color in it? Let your snowmen make a fashion statement. Get bold and use color. Color top hats are inexpensive, and you can have a snowman that stands out in a crowd. People may tend to not even glance at other snowmen, but your snowman with a brightly colored hat will always get attention. The plastic party hats cost little, yet add so much.

Oh, if it must be black they are also available.

Creative Hats for More Options

Why does a snowman get restricted to only a top hat? Cannot that color now inspire even more creativity? Look at the variety of party hats to the right. Which hat will your well dressed snowman wear? A top hat is fine, but things can be taken to the next level, and still remain well within the budget. Consider the inexpensive collection of great hats to the right.

Snowman Shades

Finding suitable eyes for your snowmen may have been a challenge in the past, but this task is so unnecessary. Add colorful shades and no one can tell you did not really add the eyes. Make your snowman a cool cat with bright shades. Imagine the hat you picked out and the colored shades, and feel the creativity.

How About a Musical Instrument?

Inexpensive inflatable musical instruments can be the touch that truly makes your snowman jazzy. Inflatables are light in weight and will not crush your snowman. These inflatables can be found individually, but are very inexpensive when purchased in a package of a dozen. Consider the multiple color packs.

Inflatable guitars in various forms and sizes are available, but why not put your snowman on the saxophone? Multiple colors of either guitars, saxophones, or mixed instruments in bright colors are available at surprisingly low prices.

Mix and Match

Well, if you purchase the dozen packs of the items recommended above, each with multiple colors, you can either select a color for your snowman to coordinate the ensemble, or use different colors to really catch people’s eyes with an array of color splashes. And, you can change your snowmen as you make them.

Another possibility is that you create a snowman group, the members of which can be matched or not, as you choose.

Have a Group Party

Have a group of children over to join your children, and allow each child to pick the snowman accessories desired. Watch as the children get creative, and see where each child’s imagination will go. Add a little hot chocolate and cookies and you can have a really fun party.

An Activity when Family Come Over

If you are hosting a dinner for the family, such as Christmas dinner, why not order a dozen pack of each item and decorate one snowman to get things started. Then, as the family gathers and the adults are busy moving about with the final meal preparations, or maybe talking to each other and boring the children, just show the children the rest of the items and they will go out and have fun. They will not be bored, nor will they be underfoot.

If you really want to be popular, allow each child to take the items he or she used home. Storing the items until the next gathering can be less rewarding than seeing those young faces light up.

Have a Neighborhood Snowman Building Day

If you live in an area where there are many children, of have a group of scouts or similar group, you might want to enlist other parents in setting up a day when the children come together and have a snowman building event at a local park. Of course the weather must cooperate. In some areas snow is expected throughout a certain period, in other places it might come and go. So, have an alternate date in mind just in case.

Wind Is a Problem.

Of course, if one or two inexpensive items blow away it is not serious, but the item then becomes litter somewhere. It is better to have the items not blow away in the wind. For this reason you might take the light weight items in when you are not with your snowman. This is the responsible thing to do.


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    • Blackspaniel1 profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thanks for the comment.

    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      3 years ago from New Zealand

      Some very nice ideas here for decorating a snowman.

      I like the reminder of taking the lightweight items in so they don't blow away and create a problems for someone else, very thoughtful.

      All the best for 2015.


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