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Jedi Starfighter Rc A New Star Wars Remote Control Helicopter Toy

Updated on March 15, 2012

The jedi starfighter rc is a star wars remote control toy you can buy and play today. The star wars starfighter rc is a remote control toy based on the jedi starfighters star wars spaceship which is one of the new star wars vehicles that was just recently introduced in the star wars franchise.

The star wars jedi starfighter that the toy was based on has appeared mostly on the star wars clone wars animation, in books and official illustrations but the variant of the star wars star fighter ship appeared on some outer space scenes on the prequel trilogy. This spaceship is mostly used by the Jedis because it is more agile and havebetter weapons than other spaceships. unfortunately, it cannot be used by regular clone fighters because it is more expensive than their regular fighter ships.

remote control jedi starfighter rc pic
remote control jedi starfighter rc pic

There are 2 kinds of jedi starfighter rc that is being sold in toy stores and online. One is the obi-wan kenobi starfighter rc and the other one is the anakin jedi starfighter remote control toy. These 2 toys have the exact same features and the only difference is the color. The obi-wan kenobi ship is a combination of gray and yellow while the anakin one is white and red.

Unique features you will see with this star wars jedi starfighter rc that you will not see with most rc toy helicopters is that this toy has a foam body and 2 blinking led lights on the rear part of the toy. In terms of controls and maneuverability, you will not go wrong with the jedi stafighter rc because it is one of the best remote control toy helicopters out there. But being associated with star wars, The jedi starfighter rc is more expensive than other generic rc toy helicopters and even some beginner grade hobby helicopters. And even if those generic rc helicopters are cheaper, they are better than the star wars star fighter in terms of control and maneuverability because of the newer techonology used on those toys. But being a collectors item and associated with the biggest sci-fi series in the world is enough reason to buy the jedi starfighter rc.


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