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Jessie Toy Story Doll

Updated on October 11, 2011

  Howdy Partner! If you are looking for the hard to find Jesse doll take a look here.   Jesse the yodeling cowgirl is a perfect counterpart for Woody.  She and Bullseye were both introduced to the big screen in Toy Story 2. Woody and Buzz Lightyear saved her from being sent to a museum.  She makes he way back into the big screen in Toy Story 3.  Check here for the latest Jessie Dolls from Toy Story 3 as well as the classic Jessie's.

 Jessie is also known as Jessica Jane the Yodeling Cowgirl.  she is one of the characters from Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3 movies. This cowgirl was a hot item in 1999 and I suspect she will be again.  Most of us fell in love with her energy and enthusiasm.  This character actually won the Patsy Montana Entertainer Award from the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Despite any awards this cowgirl will make a great present for nay Toy story fan.  With the Toy Story 3 movie there will be lots more versions of Jessie Toy Story Doll available.

Toy Story 3 Jessie & Bullseye Roundup Pack

 This Jessie and Bullseye combo is based on the movie Toy Story 3.  The Jessie Doll is 11.5 inches tall and is fully pose-able.  Sh e can ride on Bullseye or stand beside him.  Jessie is dressed to the T just as a she is in the movie.  Even her expression on her face is somewhere between surprised, happy and just dern ornery!

Disney / Pixar TS3 Jessie The Talking Cowgirl

 Jesse the Talking Cowgirl is the latest talking Jessie from the movie Toy Story 3.  She is 14 inches tall and has a pull string on her back.  She can say about 20 phrases when you pull her string.  Her body, legs and arms are soft so she won't stand, but she will be cuddly.  Part of her cowgirl outfit is made of soft plastic.   This Talking Jessie Doll received four and a half stars out of five out of five parent reviews.  Parents state this doll is beautiful and well made. parent also rave how much their children love playing with this Jessie the Talking Cowgirl.

This Jessie is a very simple doll modeled from the movie Toy Story 3. She is eight inches tall and dressed in her cowhide chaps. She is fully pose able and would be a great companion for Woody or Buzz Lightyear. This smaller version of Jessie would be easy to take anywhere.

Toy Story 3 Jessie Fashion Doll

This Toy Story 3 fashion Jessie shows her off in her new Toy Story 3 look. She is 11.5 inches tall and fully pose-able. She comes complete with yarn rooted hair and her big red cowboy hat. One customer gave this toy four out of five stars. This parent states this toy is fun and durable. However she did not like the fact that Jessie's clothes came off. She was afraid of losing boots or belt.

Toy Story Pull String Talking Jessie Doll

 The Pull String talking Jessie doll can say about six or seven different phrases.  This doll actually yodels too!  This particular Jessie Doll has her trademark hat as well as lasso and rabbit. Nineteen customer reviews give this doll four and half stars out of five.  Parents and grandparents report their little ones were inseparable from their Jessie Doll.  One parent did note that the hat had difficulty staying on and that they were surprised that Jessie's hair was plastic.  Overall parents were pleased with how much this Jessie doll looked like Jessie form the movie.

Toy Story Jessie & Woody Pull String Dolls (Combo Pack)

A combo pack for the true Toy Story fan! Nothing goes together better than Woody and Jessie. The Toy Story Woody and Jessie Pull string dolls combo pack comes with hats and accessories. Jessie comes with her red hat and her critter. Woody also comes with a hat and his guitar. Twelves customer reviews gave this toy four out of five stars. Parents report their children love this toy. Their little ones memorize the pull string phrases.

Toy Story: Jessie and Bullseye Deluxe Figures 2-Pack

 Saddle up Jessie! Because her is Bullseye in his latest gear.  Bullseye comes complete with saddle and is fully pose-able.  Jessie is also fully pose-able as you place on top of Bullseye for a ride.  Both figures ae ten inches and are based on he movie Toy Story 2.  These figures are scaled to be used with Buzz Lightyear and Woody too.  The Jessie doll comes with three extra outfits!Four customer reviews gave this product four out of five stars. Parents remarked that this toy came with more accessories than expected, such as a small brush to brush Jessie's and Bullseye hair.

HUGE 18" Disney Toy Story Bullseye Jessie & Woody Plush dolls

You can get three plush dolls for one low price.  Woody, Jessie and Bullseye go well together as hey are part of Woody's Round up gang.  Woody and Jessie are 18 inches tall while Bulleye stands 14 inches tall.  Although these dolls are plush be aware their faces and hats are made of soft plastic.  Super snuggly and great fun as you child acts out Woody, Jessie's and Bulleye's next adventure.

Disney Toy Story 14" Jessie Plush Doll

 If you are looking for a completely plush Jessie doll then this is it.  She does have a hard plastic head but her hat is plush.  Jessie is 14 inches tall and has soft braided hair.  Three customer reviews gave this doll five out of five stars. Parents state this doll was perfect and arrive din a timely manner.

Toy Story 3 Jessie Backpack & Lunch Box Tote bag

This very cute book bag and lunch box will be sure to get your child excited about going back to school. Her name is in gold glitter on an applique on the top of the bag. Her picture also adorns the book bag and the lunch box. The backpack features adjustable padded straps and a mesh pocket.  The lunchbox features a zipper and a canvas handle.  A very cute red gingham design makes this combo irresistible.  i suggest you get one before they sellout!


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