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Jigsaw Puzzles: Piecing Together Puzzles for Fun

Updated on March 18, 2016

An Introduction

My first introduction to jigsaw puzzles occurred at least 50 years ago, and although I do occasionally help others with jigsaw puzzles and have encouraged my children and grandchildren to pursue this hobby, I have moved on to actually making the puzzles themselves, or at least researching how to go about it.

Cleaning House

The only reason why I am musing about this today is because a friend of mine was cleaning house. She is older than I, being in her mid sixties and she lives alone. The house that she lives in, has been a storage spot for many of her family members and so there are things in her house that have been there through three generations of people.

Many of her possessions belonged to her parents and her grandparents, so the collectible value is immense. Some are over a hundred years old, so qualify as antiques. She gave me a puzzle that someone in her family had purchased a long time ago.

The Puzzle Is Old

The first reason that I know that it is indeed older is because it is from a store that closed down at least 30 years ago. The second reason is because it is in an old box and the puzzle has a picture of three people on it, sitting on grass and their clothing is of a different time.

Yeah. Clothing changes and certainly the photo doesn't date the puzzle, but, due to the obvious store factor, I can vouch for the fact that it is, indeed, older.

Jigsaw Puzzles are Cut

It occurs to me that the reason why these were originally called jigsaw puzzles is because they were cut on a jigsaw. A jigsaw is a flat piece of metal with teeth that is connected to a shaft that vibrates up and down and the blade was inserted through your work and connected on the top and bottom and the blade was guided around photos and the pictures were cut and notched so that when a person was putting them together, they would stay together.


Nowadays, the words jigsaw puzzle do not mean that they were cut out with a jigsaw. Especially when you can go online and virtually do a jigsaw puzzle. Nope. Now, it apparently refers to the fact that there are pieces that fit together like the old style puzzles used to.

It's still a shape, but, it can be drawn and programmed to act like the old fashioned wooden or thick paper cut puzzles.

How interesting is that.

Puzzles are Everywhere

You can find interesting and unusual puzzles in many places. You can go to a friends house, or the thrift store, or to a store like Walmart.

There are flat puzzles, round puzzles. My son had a 3D puzzle that was three dimensional. It actually was a clock. I'm trying to remember if it was just a grandfather clock or if it was something more amazing like Big Ben in London. I may have to walk upstairs and look.

Yeah. That's another thing about puzzles. You need to store them in a dry place, like a closet. They take a long time to do, and then, you have to take them apart and put back in the box for storage.

Puzzle Glue

There is puzzle glue for laminating your puzzle once it is finished. That is for people who love their picture so much that they need to frame it and put it on their wall.

Can you imagine? Having puzzles in frames? Well. People do that. It's fun and then, they can look at it. Plus, you have the added bonus of it being a conversation piece.

Nice, huh?

You can Buy and Sell on Ebay

I purchased a puzzle at my local store. It was a puzzle of a motorcycle. I put it on ebay and it sold. My buyer lived in England, so I had to get it shipped to her.

The thing that amazes me is that she was willing to purchase it at all. I was thankful for the sale, but it surprised me that I had any bids at all. Thanks!!!


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    • Besarien profile image


      2 years ago

      I remember one from my childhood that was so challenging that it took me, my siblings, and parents months of nightly effort after supper to put it together. It was just a snow scene with thousands of pieces that looked really similar. Took us probably a week to finish the edge. I would LOVE to put that puzzle together again with my family. You have made me very nostalgic for simple fun. Nicely written and great topic for a hub!


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