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Board Games and Jigsaw Puzzles will keep your hands out of the chip bowl and away from the beverage glass or can

Updated on December 3, 2014

Old favorites we want to put together again

Aztec Cosmos and one with hats by RoseArt
Aztec Cosmos and one with hats by RoseArt | Source
HomeTown Collection -- Down by the Boardwalk
HomeTown Collection -- Down by the Boardwalk

Some puzzle options

Later in this Hub I'll write about how puzzles and games will help us have a more positive and upbeat holiday season. Now, however, let's look at some jigsaw puzzles.

  • The Aztec Cosmos is a circular puzzle, 20" in diameter. It is fairly time consuming to put together but worth the time spent.
  • The RoseArt is one that my husband loved and we kept it because we both wanted to put it together again. The similar colors and bits and pieces make it fairly difficult. It has 1000 pieces.
  • Down by the Boardwalk has, surprisingly, 1000 pieces (the box is small). We thought it would be an easy puzzle to put together but was quite difficult although, again, worth the time.
  • Fit to be Tied is my all time favorite. I've had it since the 70s and have put it together more than once. The colors are wonderful and just look at that tennis shoe. I wore one that was holey to a family reunion but I had sewn the holes closed with different colors of embroidery thread. My sister-in-law offered to take up a collection so that I could buy new shoes. They must have had different customs where they lived. This is a classic ... just look at those shoelaces!!

Fit to be Tied by APC

Some Master Pieces puzzles

Glow in the Dark
Glow in the Dark | Source
Hummingbirds in Bloom
Hummingbirds in Bloom
Kitten Tales
Kitten Tales
  • Glow in the Dark is a 500 piece puzzle and is 19+ inches in diameter. It is a Tribute in Light, honoring 9/11. We have not put it together, nor have done any that glows in the dark. Looking forward to putting it together.
  • The hummingbird puzzle is diamond shaped, with 500 pieces and is 19"x19". There are hidden images with the picture ... what fun!
  • Kitten Tales has 550 pieces and is shaped like the kitten pictured. Included are smaller shaped pieces ... in the form of a kitten, butterfly, and duck. We are looking forward to putting this one together.

M. C. Escher Jigsaw Puzzles, made in Holland for selegiochi Milano

Titled Bond of Union
Titled Bond of Union
Hand with Globe
Hand with Globe
Drawing Hands
Drawing Hands

Classic M. C. Escher images

These boxes each contain 1000 pieces. The size is approximately 24"x20". One of my sons gave me these about 15-20 years ago. I started putting one together but did not complete it. I need to start one again but will need much better lighting! The quality of these puzzles is excellent.

RoseArt Encore!
RoseArt Encore!
Kodacolor Winter Wonderland
Kodacolor Winter Wonderland
Undersea Enchantment by Springbok
Undersea Enchantment by Springbok
Double Dilemma! by Springbok
Double Dilemma! by Springbok

Various challenges

The 500-piece pumpkin puzzle would be an excellent activity for the whole family during the fall or the Thanksgiving weekend.

The 500-piece Winterland puzzle is probably more difficult with all that snow everywhere. We have not worked it yet and may save it for the summer. Brrrrr!

The circular 500 plus-piece Undersea puzzle is something children and teens would enjoy too. The fish are so colorful and absolutely gorgeous.

The 500 plus-piece crossword jigsaw is really challenging. First, one must solve the crossword puzzle and then assemble the jigsaw itself. I enjoy both crosswords and jigsaws but wow!.

Other suggestions and one final favorite

I cannot leave out the General Store jigsaw ... we love it, though it is very challenging but we plan to put it together again!

You get the picture ... I love puzzles, also games of all kinds. I did not, however, intend to get carried away with so many jigsaws so will return to the reason for writing these three hubs.

  • excellent family activity, especially when incapacitated or during cold winter days
  • we have used the jigsaw 'cloth' but have had better luck with kitchen range boxes cut to an appropriate size. When we have guests for a meal, we just take the whole thing and put it on a bed in a spare room.
  • you probably won't eat while working on these but, if you want to sip on an alcoholic (or non) beverage, keep your glass, bottle, or can at the other end of the house. You will drink much less that way. Also, keep in mind that often guzzling sodas with sugar or aspartame is not a good thing.
  • make sure you have good lighting. We use our dining room table, which has excellent lighting, but even then you probably should not work on the puzzle for long periods of time. Remember to walk around frequently and rest your eyes at the same time.
  • Themed puzzles are great for people involved in a particular activity. For example, have a football puzzle on a table when people are over for a football TV party. Recently, we had a puzzle made up of golf tees, a couple of clubs, etc. It was great fun and should be for golfers getting together indoors.
  • When finished with one, pass it on to friends. They can be taped closed with a note indicating that no pieces are missing and donated also.

Again, we want to limit our eating and drinking ... these are a few ideas that might help! Happy and safe holidays to all!

Lord of the Rings puzzles

Journey in the Dark by Master Piece
Journey in the Dark by Master Piece
Lord of the Rings Classic by Master Piece
Lord of the Rings Classic by Master Piece

Lord of the Rings and other popular puzzles

These two puzzles are about 20x27 when assembled but Journey in the Dark has 300 larger pieces so it is easier to assemble which makes it recommended for the whole family. The other has 1000 pieces.

They are extremely colorful and were made in America. Both have the original shrink-wrapping. Some purchase items like this and keep them in the event their value increases. If it doesn't increase, they could open the boxes and assemble.

A very favorite puzzle!

General Store by NORDEVCO, INC. #8191
General Store by NORDEVCO, INC. #8191


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    • KDeus profile image

      Keely Deuschle 

      6 years ago from Florida

      My kids and I enjoy jigsaw puzzles! Like BSloan, I usually am the one to start them, but they always call out to anyone walking by the table. Enjoyed your hub. Thanks for sharing!

    • wabash annie profile imageAUTHOR

      wabash annie 

      6 years ago from Colorado Front Range

      I know what you mean ... people walk on by and circle around a few times. What gets me is that they pick up the piece I've hunted for for a long time and then put it in the correct place! What fun! Thanks for commenting!

    • BSloan profile image

      Barbara Sloan 

      6 years ago from Miami, Florida

      I love jigsaw puzzles and do them all the time. Even though I am the one to start them, eventually everyone in our family starts chipping in trying to help me finish it and helps us spend some much needed time together.

      Enjoyed your Hub.

    • wabash annie profile imageAUTHOR

      wabash annie 

      6 years ago from Colorado Front Range

      I really appreciate your comments. Puzzles and other games are great for many occasions!

    • logoquiz profile image


      6 years ago from London

      Wow I haven't played with a jigsaw puzzle for years! Thanks for reminding me how fun they are! Will go dig some old ones out of the attic now! :)


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