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Jigsaw Puzzle Accessories

Updated on September 9, 2007

You might not think of jigsaw puzzles as a hobby that really needs any accessories, but if you do enough puzzles you'll understand what I am talking about. After spending so many hours putting together your latest masterpiece of puzzle art, the thought of just tearing it all up again can be painful. So there are products you can find that will help you save your precious puzzle, as well as some to help you do your constructing along the way.

Online puzzle shops like Simple Pastimes or Puzzles USA carry most of these products if your local hobby shop doesn't have them.

Rolling puzzle mat
Rolling puzzle mat

Rolling Puzzle Mat

The biggest challenge for most puzzlers is to find the space to spread out your pieces and work uninterrupted. On top of that, you need to be able to leave your ongoing puzzle spread out for days (weeks?) while you put it all together. That isn't always easy. A puzzle mat can be your solution.

You put your puzzle together on a flexible mat, and roll it up when you are not using it. You roll the puzzle up in the mat, around a cardboard tube (usually included with the mat) and the pieces stay intact until you unfurl your work for the next time. Most rollup mats are big enough for a 1000 piece puzzle.



The must-have accessory for the puzzler on the go. The rolling mat is great when you know you will have a place to roll it out again when you want to work on it, but the porta-puzzle comes with a rigid work surface so you can put your puzzle together when a table is not really available, like on a bed or even in your lap. You can get porta-puzzles for 500 - 1500 piece puzzles.

Puzzle Glue

You don't have to sacrifice your beautiful puzzle when you are finished with it. Granted, the joy of puzzles is the creating, but if you love the artwork, there is no reason why you can't save the puzzle intact. You just need to brush a few coats over your completed puzzle, and the entire thing will hold together permanently. Perfect for storage, display or framing. One bottle of glue will usually do a puzzle up to around 1000 pieces, but check the label to see the coverage.

Puzzle frames
Puzzle frames

Puzzle Frames

Once you have your puzzle all stiff and solid, you should frame it up properly. There are 2 kinds of puzzle frames, fixed size and adjustable. If you plan on changing the puzzle in the frame, then an adjustable might be a better choice. Otherwise just get the fixed size to match the puzzle. The 4 sides simply fasten together at the corners around the puzzle, and you have an instant work of art for your wall. Some also come with backer boards for more stability.


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