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John Deere Collectibles

Updated on October 11, 2011

The bright green and brilliant yellow tractors made by Deere and Co. are probably the most familiar collectible icons of this agricultural manufacturing giant, but it isn't the only thing made by the 150-year old American company.

John Deere is a well-loved brand that has fans among many groups: farmers and other agribusiness workers who appreciate the quality and integrity implicit behind the company's slogan "Nothing Runs Like a Deere," and a host of current and former employees who have invested their life's work in one of America's best corporations. Then there are suppliers, toy collectors, hobbyists, and random enthusiasts. No matter who you are, if you collect John Deere items, you are not alone. John Deere branded items are hot collector's items, and just like the company that makes the big green tractors, will be for a long time to come.

Learn More About John Deere Collecting

What is it about the John Deere brand that fascinates collectors worldwide? The company's history, growth, and success closely interrelates to parallel stories of growth in American history. The company's founder, a Vermont blacksmith, headed to America's heartland during the early 19th century and invented an innovative new piece of farm equipment, a plow, that revolutionized farming in the Midwest.

But a revolutionary plow was just the beginning. During the early 20th century with the evolution of gasoline power engines, Deere expanded its equipment offerings to include high-quality tractors, ploughs, harvestors, and other tools to ease the efforts of America's growers. With high-quality products and innovative ideas to keep the company moving forward, the image of a leaping deer makes sense as a familiar corporate logo for the John Deere company. This company has grown from a small backwoods company to a multi-billion dollar corporation with offices in Russia, China, Brazil, India, Germany, all over Europe, and South America.

John Deere's corporate headquarters are in Moline, Illinois, where Deere enthusiasts can visit the John Deere Pavillion, a glass enclosed museum showcasing farm equipment and other historical Deere paraphanalia. There's no cost to view the exhibits at the Pavilion.

John Deere Tractor Mailboxes

John Deere tractors are at the heart of John Deere collecting. The most serious collectors will skip the replicas, and probably have an antique John Deere tractor sitting outside of their front porch. These vary in range and condition, but they are popular yard ornaments.

Perhaps you are looking for just the right John Deere tractor to make a statement about your country home, hobby farm, or country-inspired home in the city. If you are still saving up for your antique tractor, try a John Deer tractor mailbox. A John Deere tractor mailbox will make that statement!

John Deere Wind Turbine

Are you interested in making a big outdoor statement with a John Deere collectible? Try a wind turbine. The 8-foot sized windmill is made of durable steel with a polycoat paint finish. So it will stand up to all kinds of weather, including sun, rain, wind, and snow. At this size, the windmill will not get caught in overhead power lines. The rotors are John Deere green, of course. These wind turbines weigh 50 pounds and will make an excellent complement to your decorative mailbox.

The 4 1/2 foot wind turbine is a decorative size and suitable for smaller spaces. It weighs 35 pounds.

John Deere Apparel

You can find plenty of t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and even children's wear with the John Deere logo. John Deere baseball caps make great all-purpose gifts, as do John Deere baby wear items. Apparel with the John Deere logo makes a great gift for friends and family who have worked at John Deere Works and corporate offices.

John Deere Logo Toys

John Deere logo toys are also available in a variety of formats, from figurines, miniature tractors, to riding toys that will fill a young child's wildest Christmas fancy. These John Deere logo toys vary in size and price. Favorites include small tractor play sets that inspire imaginitive play in young preschool children, or larger riding toys for outdoor fun. There is a surprising variety of collectible John Deere merchandise, whether you are a fan, a farmer, or just a Farmville wannabe!


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