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John Deere Toy-Tractors

Updated on March 22, 2010
John Deere Toy Tractors
John Deere Toy Tractors

John Deere Toy Tractors Review

It seems as if almost everybody enjoys having a hobby and one of the more interesting ones that I have run across recently are people that collect John Deere toy tractors. If you've never seen John Deere toy tractors including the John Deere snowblower and John Deere bagger and lawn tractor range before, you would probably be surprised with the quality of some of these items, along with the fact that they have such a variety of them that are available. They can be found in a number of different locations, and some people make sure that they have all of them and that they are one of the first in line whenever the new one arrives.

John Deere Electric Toy Tractor

What Are John Deere Toys Made Of?

Most of the John Deere toy tractors are made out of die cast metal with some plastic mixed in. Some of the older models which were made before plastic was readily available for use in toys are made entirely out of die cast metal. Regardless of whether it is one of the old John Deere toy tractors or if it is a new one, the accuracy with which they are made is quite astounding. Here is a little bit about how they are made, which makes them one of the more unique toys that are available.

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How Are They Made?

First of all, John Deere toy tractors are made with precision and they are made in order to include all of the working parts that are possible to include in a toy of this size. In most cases, they are scaled down to a certain percentage of the original, so that the entire toy is properly sized. For example, some of the John Deere toy tractors that are currently available are 1/16 scale but there are also others that may be larger or smaller than this. It really all depends on what you plan on doing with the John Deere toy tractors and how much storage space you plan on having.

These Toys Make Great Gifts & Collectors Items

John Deere toy tractors are excellent gifts for children, as many of them would enjoy running one of these around, particularly if their father or another family member had one. Although you would not necessarily want to get one for a younger children because of the small parts that are in many of these John Deere toy tractors, an older child makes an excellent recipient. It might even just start a collection of John Deere toy tractors for them, something that many people have continued on through their entire lifetime.

Another thing that you might find interesting is the fact that for any of the tractors that are put out into the real world, there are going to be John Deere toy tractors that are made to match it. Some of these are broken down into series, such as the precision John Deere toy tractors while others may fit into a more general category. Some of these tractors are used for various reasons out in the field, such as for plowing or perhaps even for moving things around. John Deere toy tractors are made so that they mimic the actions that are typically done with the tractor in the real world.

Of course, you may not be interested in only collecting the newer John Deere toy tractors and if that is the case, you would be surprised with what you are able to find as far as the older toys are concerned. Some of these John Deere toy tractors are actually classified as antiques and you may pay a premium for them, especially if they are in pristine condition. No John Deere toy tractors collection is complete, however, without some of these older tractors included.

Where To Buy John Deere Toy Tractors

There are a number of places where you can find these older John Deere toy tractors. The Internet, for example, has some websites that specialize in older toys and they may contain some of these John Deere toy tractors in their collection. Another place that you may want to consider trying are the online auctions, such as eBay. It is important, if you're going to try looking for John Deere toy tractors on eBay that you search on a regular basis. Auctions tend to come and go rather quickly, and you might miss out on the perfect tractor if you are not checking every day.


Regardless of whether you like the new John Deere toy tractors or if the collectible items are what you are looking for, it's a hobby that is enjoyed by many people. Once you get your collection of John Deere toy tractors going, you would be surprised with how much enjoyment you will get out of them.


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      Sedrick  7 years ago

      Can you attach a toy planter to a toy John Deere 8435r tractor everything is 1/16

    • massagetherapy profile image

      massagetherapy 8 years ago from Gold Coast, Australia

      Do you have any comments you'd like to share? Do you have any John Deere products at home, including toys or machinery? If so, what do you think of them? Thanks for sharing!