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Joining the Thieves Guild in Skyrim

Updated on August 6, 2012
The Guild Master of the Thieves Guild
The Guild Master of the Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild

The Thieves Guild is a shadowy organization that few know much about. The guild is made up of thieves who take contracts from the highest bidder. The guild being some of the best sneaks around frequently gets hired for things such as black-mail, extortion, framing, and stealing high value objects.

The Thieves Guild used to have a lot of political power during it's glory days but it's power is dwindling. The Guild now only has one location at Riften and is rumored to only have one major political backer now.

By joining the Thieves Guild you can benefit from all of the connections and power that they have. Joining the Thieves Guild is also a must if you can planning on selling stolen goods in Skyrim.

The Head Quarters of the Thieves Guild.

Joining the Thieves Guild

The first thing you need to do in order to join the thieves guild in skyrim is go to Riften during the day time. After arriving at Riften you need to go to the market place from 8am to 8pm during the day. Then you need to look for a red haired nord male named Brynjolf.

After you spot Brynjolf and approach him. Once you are close enough to him he will automatically start speaking to you. He will offer you a quest called A Chance Arrangement, accept it.

As part of your quest to join the thieves guild you will need to steal a ring from the strongbox at Madesi's stand. The easiest way to do this is to pickpocket the key for the strongbox from Madesi and then steal the ring from the strongbox. Remember to be careful as the guards in Skyrim love to arrest thieves.

After getting the ring you will need to place the ring on Brand-Shei in order to frame this sucker. Sneak up behind him and open the pick pocketing menu but instead of stealing you will place the ring on him. After doing this Skyrim guards will come up and arrest the sucker.

After this quest you will be introduced to the theives guild in Skyrim. Good luck.

Advantages of Joining the Thieves Guild in Skyrim

As I said earlier in the article the Thieves Guild is very powerful in Skyrim and also has connections all over Skyrim. Better yet, you make the Thieves Guild every more powerful and influential in Skyrim as you go through the amazing quest line. These connections will really pay off for you.

Most importantly you can access to "fences" located all through out Skyrim. These "fences" as there are called are special merchants that work for the Thieves Guild and will buy stolen goods from you. The reason they are so important is because the average merchant in Skyrim won't buy stolen goods. This great connection allows you to sell stolen goods in Skyrim.

Second, you gain the ability to pay off guards in any city in Skyrim. This is great because you can now pay off your bounty for half the cost and get to keep all of your stolen goods without getting arrested and jailed. Jail in Skyrim isn't a fun place and you will actually loose skill points while you are in it. Since you are bound to get caught a build up a bounty at some point you are going to find this a very useful tool for surviving in Skyrim.

Lastly you can also take jobs and train skills at head quarters of the Thieves Guild in Skyrim.


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    • profile image

      thisguy 5 years ago

      elder scrolls

    • Gatti profile image

      Gatti 5 years ago

      Me too! The Thieves Guild quests are usually some of the best in all of the oblivion games. Thanks for the comment Omnivium!

    • Omnivium profile image

      Omnivium 5 years ago

      I loved the Theives Guild story, especially the end.