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Joinings the Companions in Skyrim

Updated on July 31, 2012
Jorrsavkr the mead hall of the Companions
Jorrsavkr the mead hall of the Companions

Getting Recruited

In order to join the Companions in Skyrim you need to speak to Kodlak Whitemane.

Kodlak is located at the Companions mead hall which is called Jorrvaskr. The mead hall is located east of Dragon's Reach in White Run. This is where you go if you are interested in joining the Companions in Skyrim.

We you speak to Kodlak a man named Vilkas will oppose you joining the Companions and you will have to prove yourself worthy of joining the Companions in Skyrim.

Proving Yourself

After you are asked to prove yourself to Vilkas all that you need to do in order to finish joining the Companions is follow him outside and spar with him.

Beat Vilkas and then take his sword up to the blacksmith behind the mead hall for sharpening. The blacksmith will have you run one more errand and then you will have joined the Companions in Skyrim.

Ironically the blacksmith will go on about how you can't let the others in the Companions in Skyrim order you around. At the same time he will then order you on another pointless delivery quest.

What to Expect Next

There are a total of 6 main quests and well as 13 different side quests. One of the quests even gives you the opportunity to become a werewolf. Happy adventuring and I hope you didn't have trouble joining the Companions in Skyrim.

The Companions in Skyrim will lead you into many great adventures. Many of which will give you great XP as well as loot. The quest rewards are good as well. Also, be sure to think carefully before you accept becoming a werewolf.


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    • Gatti profile image

      Gatti 6 years ago

      Thanks for the comment Derdiu I'm glad you liked the hub.

    • profile image

      Derdriu 6 years ago

      Gatti, What a compact, informative, precise summary of recruitment into the Companions! There's no going wrong or making mistakes here.

      Thank you for sharing, etc.,