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Kabutops vs Omastar

Updated on March 26, 2012

The Battle of the Ancients

The Pokemon World is an amazing place, not only has it got super powered monsters roaming the planet, but the technology is, at times, astounding. For instance, they can bring fossils back to life!

There are many such Pokemon created from fossils, from the ancient plant Pokemon Cradilly, to the terrifying Aerodactyl. But for Pokemon that are likely to go head to head you can't ask for a better battle than Kabutops vs Omastar.

Both are generation 1 Pokemon, being two of the three fossil Pokemon, Aerodactyl making up the set. Unlike Aerodactyl though, both were water based Pokemon, and both can evolve, which leads them into direct competition with each other...

Awesome Omastar Fan Art
Awesome Omastar Fan Art | Source

Kabutops vs Omastar

We take a closer look at the two fossil Pokemon below, but let us now consider them head to head. Both in a Kabutops vs Omastar bagttle, and as to which one might be better suited to your team.

First let us look at the bare stats of each Pokemon:

Omastar Base Stats - 70 HP, 60 Attack, 125 Defense, 115 Special Attack, 70 Special Defence, 55 Speed

Kabutops Base Stats - 60 HP, 115 Attack, 105 Defense, 65 Special Attack, 70 Special Defence, 80 Speed

So as we see, Omastar is sturdier, with far higher defense and a higher HP, but Kabutops is quicker. This means that they are likely to fulfil different roles, Omastar is more of a tank, whilst Kabutops better suited to sweeping.

Both Pokemon get essentially the same abilities, with Swift Swim and Shell/Battle Armor. Swift Swim doubles the Pokemon's speed in the rain, which whilst useful for Omastar is hardly game breaking, on Kabutops though that is very useful indeed - 160 Base Speed in the rain means that without extra boosts or abilities only Deoxys Speed Forme out-speeds it, making it a fantastic sweeper. 110 for Omastar just isn't enough of a boost, so may be better suited to sticking with shell armor.

Both get the Dream World ability Weak Armor, which reduces their defence by one stage when it, but increases their speed by one stage. This is usually best left alone, though Kabutops may get some joy with it.

So what does this mean?

In a direct, Kabutops vs Omastar battle, Omastar is likely the winner, as it's high defence should neutralise Kabutops main strength, whilst it's high special attack can punish Kabutops lower special defence.

BUT in a team where balance is key, both can be very useful. A rain dance team would do very well to look at Kabutops rather than Omastar, for the advantage of it's sweeping ability.

For what it's worth, both are in the RU (Rarely Used) Smogon Tier.

If you have any questions about Kabutops vs Omastar, or any other Pokemon questions for that matters, feel free to pop over to the Pokemon Forums and ask there, we'll get to you far quicker than leaving a comment here!

Omastar or Kabutops?

Omastar or Kabutops?
Omastar or Kabutops?

Kabutops Fact File

  • Evolves from Kabuto, which is brought to life from a fossil
  • Kabuto can be found at the start of the Sparkling sea in the Dream World
  • It belongs to both the Water 1 and Water 3 Egg Groups
  • Because of it's typing it takes 4* damage from Grass Attacks
  • Kabuto can only have the move Stealth Rock in Gen V by being caught in the Dream World
  • They 'drop' 2 attack EVs.

Omastar Fact File

  • Evolves from Omanyte, which itself is brought back to life from a fossil
  • It's a generation 1 Pokemon
  • In the Dream World it is found in the Sparkling Sea from the start
  • In Gen V only Omanytes caught in the Dream World can have the move 'icy wind'
  • Like Kabutops it belongs to both the Water 1 and Water 3 Egg Groups
  • It 'drops' 2 Defense EVs

Kabutops Tribute Video


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    • MrPokemon profile image

      MrPokemon 5 years ago

      Me too. Plus I found him useful on a Swift Swim team, not found a use for Omastar as yet, though after making this I am tempted to try!

    • S.Graveson profile image

      S.Graveson 5 years ago from Cumbria, UK

      Always thought Kabutops looked cooler.