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Updated on January 18, 2013
This is the screen that will greet you when you reach From here you can sign in if you already have an account or sign up to get one.
This is the screen that will greet you when you reach From here you can sign in if you already have an account or sign up to get one.


KadoKado is a casual MMO created by Motion Twin which is very peculiar. You see, most MMOs are just one game. KadoKado is an MMO based on the interesting premise of having many minigames available to play. You compete with other people online to get the highest score in each minigame. So, in a sense, it's more like a global arcade than a normal MMO.

It is a free to play browser-based experience, although you can purchase additional tokens to play with. If you want to play online video games, but do not want to spend a lot of time or money, then KadoKado may be for you!

Read on and see why KadoKado is so awesome.

My Favorite Minigames in KadoKado

If you're unsure as to what mini-games to start playing when you start out at KadoKado, feel free to check these five out:

  • Iron Choquette - In this action mini-game, you control a ship with the arrow keys and shoot with the spacebar. You can grab upgrades by destroying a type of neutral ship that flies around on the screen every so often. These upgrades let you do things like shoot more beams at once or surround your ship with a damaging field.
  • Alphabounce - This is a clone of Breakout. Your objective in this action mini-game is to earn points by breaking bricks of varied durability. Simple, yet addictive and fun.
  • F1 Champion - In this action mini-game, you steer a race car through progressively harder segments of race track, racking up points the longer you can stack on the track. Veering off the track for too long will destroy your car.
  • Hexile - In this puzzle mini-game, you are an aspiring general who needs to wisely use your forces to gain military superiority. You get a random number of soldiers each turn and get to deploy them in a hex. Then the AI takes their turn and does the same. Either player can change control of a hex filled with soldiers by placing a larger number of soldiers in an adjacent hex.
  • Bactery - In this puzzle mini-game, you need to stop the tide of bacteria by forming stone walls with colored pebbles. The faster you can stop the tide, the more points you will get. It's extremely simple, but has a surprising amount of strategy if you're of the analytical type.


You sign up with the usual credentials, and are taken to a screen that will pretty much be blank and say something along the lines of "start earning stars now". As of the time of this writing, there are over 60 minigames on the KadoKado website, which means that you'll eventually find the ones that are best for you.

There are a wide variety of minigames, subdivided into two broad categories: Action Games and Puzzle Games. Action Games are exclusively in real-time and most of the time involve the use of reflexes. On the other hand, Puzzle Games force the player to analyze a bit more and are mostly turn-based.

Each time you play a minigame (except the very first time you play a certain minigame; called a test run) you have to pay one Token. You get 4 free Green Tokens daily, and can pay cash for a number of Orange Tokens. Green Tokens must be used on the day you get them or they vanish, while Orange Tokens can be stockpiled for as long as you wish, to be used at your convenience.

You get Kado Points (KadoKado's official currency) by completing certain milestones in each game and by completing special contracts. The contracts themselves are given to you after you click to start a minigame, but before the minigame itself starts, and are formatted like so: xxxx - yP, where the series of x equals the score you must achieve to complete the contract and the y equals the amount of Kado Points awarded for said completion. Both values are random, and you may see exceedingly low scores tied to a juicy Kado Point reward, but you may also see a horridly high score tied to a pathetic reward. For this reason, the most effective way to make Kado Points is to complete the aforementioned milestones.

This is the play minigames screen, with the Favorites Tab selected.
This is the play minigames screen, with the Favorites Tab selected.

Every two weeks marks the beginning of a new game period. At the end of each period, the servers are brought down to award players for their completed milestones. During each period, if you can meet certain score requirements (these change each period based on the score of the best players and also are different for each game), you are awarded a Star. Green Stars are easiest to get, but only give you 10 Points. Orange Stars are harder to get, but net you 50 Points. Red Stars are the pinnacle of excellence, and are really hard to obtain, but net you a juicy 100 Kado Points. So, you need to find the minigames you're good at and maximize your Kado Point gains by getting the best stars.

There is also a separate milestone for promotion. There are several ranks (these ranks are the same for all minigames), and you start at the lowest one. By meeting the score milestone for promotion, you qualify to move up to the next rank for that minigame...provided enough other players can't top your score. If they do, you need to increase your score or you won't qualify to advance in that period. Even if that happens though, you shouldn't worry since you can't be demoted. Once you reach a certain rank in a minigame, it's yours forever.


This is pretty much all I can write as a general overview. If you have any more questions about the site, feel free to ask in the comments section. I also wholeheartedly urge you to post in the comments section if you want to talk about KadoKado!

Until the next time, take care and have fun! ;)

- Winterfate


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