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Kane and Lynch - Tips, Cheats and Walkthrough

Updated on August 18, 2011

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men


Kane & Lynch is a cooperative action game that was created for XBox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC. The game depicts two men as they go through a violent and chaotic journey.

The game is a fast paced shooter game that focuses on plot just as much as killing. Two death row inmates are forced to work together in order to pull off robberies and breakouts. They must fight together in an all out revolution.

Kane is a veteran mercenary with much experience, but with Lynch as his sidekick, things don't always go according to plan. Apparently, you can't always rely on a psychopath who doesn't have his medication.

Kane & Lynch Trailer

Kane & Lynch for Windows PC, Xbox, PlayStation

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 1: Impact

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 2: Trial

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 3: Withdrawl part1

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 4: Cracking Up part1

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 4: Cracking Up part2

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 5: The Mizuki

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 6: Exchange

Kane and Lynch Game Tips

The following cheats and tips have been submitted and suggested by other gamers, but none have been thoroughly checked and approved. So, some of these cheats and hints may work perfectly, whereas others may not.

Stuck on the Reunion Level

  • Keep shooting at the glass protecting the driver, and it will break. Then you should be able to shoot him dead .
  • All you have to do is shoot the driver in the top right window; it won't be easy but it's not impossible. Basically, just keep shooting the window until it bakes; then shoot again at the mans head.

Junk Yard

  • Shoot the pilot's cockpit with gunfire. Once the glass breaks, the truck will stop automatically. You must do it quickly because the dump truck will automatically kill Jenny on its second pass.

Freedom Fighters Level

  • In the Havana level, 'Freedom Fighters,' just before you go to El Capacito, tell your men to take cover behind the large pointy statue. Then using RPGs shoot down the helicopter. If you need more supplies return to the point where you shot the APC vehicle, and you will find some more there.

Clear way for the driver when leaving the bank

  • Go back and cover yourself behind the bullet proof glass and wait until the police come to you. Then you will be able to kill them all.


  • When you go to Jenny in the courtyard of the Hacienda, a truck will drive by. Kill the two men in the back, then check the right side of where the truck just drove towards. There should be a guy there. Turn around and there will be a guy running up to kill Jenny, kill him, and keep turning to see another guy attempt to kill her. When the truck is driving back up, keep shooting at the driver's window.

Stuck at the South American Rain Forest

After fighting all the men at the Hacienda, you finally get to see Jenny. Then when confronting the brother, you'll basically get placed in the middle of it all. By the time you move, you get get killed.

  • You can shoot the landmine next to Carlos' corspe, which kills one of the brothers and half of the men. The second brother on your left will escape with Jenny; there are two endings to the game, after this point.

The Final Chapter

  • There are two endings to the game to which Jenny lives or dies. You are able to pick the ending by moving your player in the right direction. After stopping the cargo plane and grabbing Jenny, Kane can move towards either the helicoptor or the village. Moving to the village will extend the game to its final chapter.

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 7: Reunion

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 8: Breakout part1

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 8: Breakout part2

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 9: Retomoto Tower

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 10: Tokyo Streets

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 11: Freedom Fighters part1

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 11: Freedom Fighters part2

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 12: El Capitol

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 13: Bird's Eye View

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 14: Within The Walls part1

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 14: Within The Walls part2

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 15: Choice

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - Chapter 16: Consequence

Kane and Lynch Xbox Cheats


In order to get the allotted gamerscore, you must complete the appropriate achievement. (Find the score in bold beside the appropriate task.)

50 to Won (25)- Win 50 rounds of Fragile Alliance.

A Lot (15)- Escape with $1,500,000 from a Fragile Alliance heist.

Behemoth (10)- Stop the roaring beast.

Berserkopath (30)- Make the most of Lynch's condition.

Boomstick (20)- Shotgun messiah.

Bulletproof (10)- Avoid using adrenaline on any level.

Bullseye (20)- Lynch reacts fast at the Exchange.

By the Grace of... (10)- Lynch puts them out of their misery.

Cash Addict (25)- Help to get all the money out in a Fragile Alliance round.

Celebrity (0)- Play as Lynch in Fragile Alliance.

Crime Buster (10)- Kill 10 traitors in Fragile Alliance.

Crowd Control (30)- Surgical precision in the nightclub.

Damned if you do (20)- Let them burn.

Damned if you don't (30)- No rest for the wicked.

Double Trouble (25)- Kill two traitors in a Fragile Alliance round.

End of the Road (50)- Complete the game in co-op mode.

Family Member (5)- Complete a Fragile Alliance session.

Frag Out (20)- kill 5 with one fragmentation grenade.

Fragile Alliance (10)- Complete the first level in co-op mode.

Have Gun, Will Travel Part I (20): Travel into the Rising Sun.

Have Gun, Will Travel Part II (20): Counter-revolution.

Have Gun, Will Travel Part III (20): The Beginning of the End.

Headmaster (10): 47 headshots.

Hindsight (10): Get that bird out of the sky.

Impact (20): Escape from death row.

Iron Flower (50): Complete the game on hard mode.

Mercenary (15): Complete one session in each Fragile Alliance scenario.

Most Wanted (50): Escape with $150,000,000 from Fragile Alliance heists.

Mr. Play-It-Straight (50): Win 50 rounds of Fragile Alliance as a merc.

Mr. Popularity (35): Kill 100 traitors in Fragile Alliance.

Never Give Up (30): Get 3 personal revenge kills in a Fragile Alliance session.

No Going Back Now (30): Go to the point of no return in co-op mode.

Perfect Split (25): All players split the money equally from a Fragile Alliance heist.

Pushblade Symphony (20): Points for getting up close and personal.

Return to Sender (10): Throw back enemy grenades.

Revenge Part I (20): Silencing the silent one.

Revenge Part II & III (20): Who's the old timer now?

Revenge Part IV (20): Shouldn't have gotten personal.

Revenge Part V (30): Glad it got personal.

Rush Hour (15): Escape in all rounds of a Fragile Alliance session.

Some (5): Escape with $50,000 from a Fragile Alliance heist.

Sun Tzu (20): Let your crew do all the dirty work.

Sweet Revenge (5): Get personal revenge in Fragile Alliance.

Teflon (20): Avoid damage on a level.

The Cleaner (30): Get 30 personal revenge kills in Fragile Alliance.

True Elite (0): Play as Kane in Fragile Alliance.

Veteran (35): Complete 200 Fragile Alliance sessions.

Playable Characters in Fragile Alliance

Some characters are unlocked only at certain rank levels while playihng in the Fragile Alliance.

Rank 30: Lynch

Rank 35: Kane

Kane and Lynch Screenshots

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Flickr: by leolioFlick: by leolio Flickr: by bapenguin Flickr: by CRYTEK Flick: by CRYTEK Flick: by CRYTEK Flickr: by gamesweasel Flickr: by Hot Grill Flickr: by Big Daddy Flickr
Flickr: by leolio
Flickr: by leolio
Flick: by leolio
Flick: by leolio
Flickr: by bapenguin
Flickr: by bapenguin
Flickr: by CRYTEK
Flickr: by CRYTEK
Flick: by CRYTEK
Flick: by CRYTEK
Flick: by CRYTEK
Flick: by CRYTEK
Flickr: by gamesweasel
Flickr: by gamesweasel
Flickr: by Hot Grill
Flickr: by Hot Grill
Flickr: by Big Daddy Flickr
Flickr: by Big Daddy Flickr

Kane and Lynch Features

Kane and Lynch will provide you with:

  • Tense and unpredictable experience with two men that hate each other but must work together in order to save themselves and their loved ones. You can play as Kane in single-player mode or either character in two-player co-op mode.
  • Violence erupts in meticulously created "safe" worlds where realistic and responsive environments as well as crowds will react when events get of out control.
  • There is a wide variety of intense 3rd person game play.
  • Fast and intuitive combat that lead a crew of criminal mercenaries to increase your chance of surviving and reaching your goals.
  • You can play the two- player co-op and team up, which will allow you to split up the command of your crew when on a big job. And, at any point in the game, you can choose to play either upcoming or previous levels.
  • Innovative multi-player levels are based on the game's themes for up to 8 players.



Kane (Adam Marcus) was once a consultant for large companies in Great Britain. Unable to cope with his two year old son's death and the blame that his wife puts upon him, he leaves the country, his wife, and his five year old daughter.

After six years of becoming a mercenary, he is contacted by a group, The7, which is "a brotherhood of unlimited power," who wants him as a part of their ranks. Promising Kane riches, he must follow a strict set of rules, and if broken, Kane is dead.

For thirteen years, Kane works for the mercenary organization, and when their retirement job in Venezuela goes wrong, Kane's team supposidly ends up dead. Managing to escape with a fortune, Kane flees, but the authorities quickly catch up and sentences his death.



Lynch (Seth Lynch) is a paranoid schizophrenic who made a simple, blue collar living working at a meat packing plant in Detroit. Because Lynch has a very volatile nature, he needs large amounts of prescription pills to keep his temperament under a certain control.

But, Lynch end up on death row after a one of his blackouts, which possibly ended in the murder of his wife, Anna. After realizing that his wife was murdered, Lynch called 911, believing someone else was at fault, and soon after, he went on the run. Once caught, Lynch was put on death row, but it is never 100% clear as to whether or not he killed his wife or if he was the victim of a set- up.

Other Tips:

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      the reunion mission sucks cuz u gotta kill the two enemies on the truck first (lynch usually takes out the one on the left) leaving u to deal with the one on the right. What I did was just aim at the driver window..u have to empty 3 clips before the window finally breaks. The truck stops and jenny hops in a car and takes off......

    • profile image

      karlos of leeds 

      8 years ago

      ive shot that window 100 times on the reunion level, but the truck still kills jenny, what else do i do to beat that level? its starting to piss me off !!

    • soheilr profile image


      8 years ago

      I have to admire how well this was written and for its appealing tone. I didn't like playing Kane & Lynch at first but I might wanna give it a second chance.

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      You have to get levels up

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      KnL is an easy game i beat it on the hardest difficulty, i just want to know how to be lynch on fraggile alliance if any 1 still looks up this crapy website

    • profile image


      9 years ago

      stuck on Freedom fighters mission!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      I mainly sit on the first level and own the cops its real fun watching how weak they are.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      how can i stop the plane from escaping with jenny?? i always run out of bullets

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      kill them by hand no guns

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      stuck on the level when u have to put the gas in the system level three i think how can u sneak past alll the guards???

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Great game, pretty short amazing game play. Twqo endings both not happy. Completed in two sittings though.

    • profile image

      game freak 

      10 years ago

      can you jack cars

    • Panic 39 profile image

      Panic 39 

      10 years ago

      That's a crazy game its amazing how far graphics have come since the days of Pong

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      That would be the sort of games my husband would love to get his hands on!

    • profile image


      10 years ago



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