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Karl - Drug Ring Leader Wont Play Ball - Shaundi Assassination Target - Saints Row The Third

Updated on March 16, 2012
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Grabbing a Knoxville at the airport to make Karl show up.Chasing down the target in his baggage cart.
Grabbing a Knoxville at the airport to make Karl show up.
Grabbing a Knoxville at the airport to make Karl show up.
Chasing down the target in his baggage cart.
Chasing down the target in his baggage cart.

This guide will cover the Karl "Drug Ring Leader Won't Play Ball With Saints" assassination target, given to the player by the contact Shaundi, within the video game Saints Row the Third, covering everything you need to know to complete this hit.

Target: Karl
Contact: Shaundi
Subject: Drug Ring Leader Won't Play Ball With Saints

Location: Airport
Cash: $500
Respect: 125

Message: "Karl hauls bags at the airport. He also smuggles drugs in them, and ruthlessly steps on anyone in his territory. Steal a cart at the airport and I'm sure he'll come check you out."

How to Make Karl Show Up

Your first steps with bringing Karl out for the hit is to travel to Wesley Cutter International Airport in the Airport district to search for one of the 4 seater, almost golf cart looking vehicles, otherwise known as the Knoxville (if you find a baggage cart vehicle, that should work to). You will probably find one of these directly around the airport terminal itself, so try to keep your search in the near vicinity of the main building. In my case I manage to find one parked right by where the planes are docked for boarding. As soon as you hop into one, you should see the target icon pop up, notifying you that Karl is on his way.

You don't need to go chasing him down as Karl will drive straight to you in his own baggage cart with his yellow hat and light green shirt. Be ready to give chase however, since as soon as he gets close and realizes who you are, he will turn tail and start to run. Bring some decent weaponry since you will need to blow up his vehicle, unless you can stop it long enough to jack the cart and pull him out. Either way, in the end it isn't too difficult since his cart isn't exactly the best getaway vehicle, although neither is yours the best chase vehicle. You can optionally switch to a faster car to chase him with in the middle of the chase to make things easier on you. Finally it doesn't take much damage to make his cart explode with him in it either.


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