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KayneCraft Hi-Res HD Minecraft Texture Pack (128 x 128)

Updated on June 10, 2011

This is KayneCraft, not KanyeCraft, which would have been the best texture pack of all time. Kayne Craft is still pretty good though, and it's hyper HD, super ultra resolution HD, 128 pixels by 128 pixels. That's a heck of a lot more than the measly 16 pixels we started off with all those months ago. What's the general theme of KayneCraft? I'd say it's a high quality cartoon style texture pack, rather like BorderCraft actually, and we all know how wildly popular BorderCraft is with the Minecrafting folk. It's actually rather more finely made than BorderCraft however, BorderCraft is very thick and heavyhanded in its texturework, whereas KayneCraft is a touch more refined.

There's a feeling of solid quality in this texture pack that I rather enjoy. It feels very three dimensional, unlike many cartoon style packs that trade on 'simplicity' as an excuse for taking the largest randomly generated computer worlds this side of the future and making them look flat and boring. There's nothing flat or boring about this texture pack, as you can tell yourself by looking at the screenshots. For whatever reason, mob textures haven't been touched, but my oh my do sandstone, glass, wooden doors and half-blocks look great.

Walking through my Minecraft worlds with this texture pack, I rather feel like I'm walking through an animated world. I've a particular fondness for the dirt texture, which incorporates rocks and pebbles just waiting to be dug out and hurled at hostile mobs (not really, but it's nice to imagine that one has that option. That's what real minecrafters do between updates, sit around and imagine things.)

Ladders are also pretty charming, with their nail pattern that rather implies they're nailed to whatever surface they find themselves against. Did you know you can nail planks into gravel to make a handy foot hold? No? Well now you can anyway.

So, who will like this texture pack? Well anyone with a sensibility that extends towards the comic will, as will anyone who particularly enjoys high resolution textures that make the most of the creative opportunities afforded by such a resolution. This is not a texture pack that attempts to be remotely realistic, but it is a work of art.

Download KayneCraft Minecraft HD Texture Pack


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