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Keeping Your Zynga Poker Chips Safe from Hackers and hacks

Updated on March 13, 2013

Has your Zynga Poker account got hacked in the past?

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With the rising popularity of Zynga poker games on Facebook and other social networks there has also been an increase in reports of player's accounts being hacked and their Zynga Poker chips being stolen. Zynga forums have been abuzz with thousands of similar reports and as these chips become more valuable these reports will undoubtedly become even more common. Thankfully there are some steps that you can take to protect your chips and stop hackers in their tracks. We've outlined the best tips below;

· Never, ever give away your password!

This might seem like common sense, but it's shocking how many people lose their Zynga Poker chips because they naively gave their password to a friend, family member or girl/boyfriend. Unless you're positive that you will never get into a disagreement with that person (or you're sure you'll remember to change your password) you should never give out your password. This is a good habit to have regardless of the situation.

Example of phishing site

Example of a phishing site, fake zynga poker site to steal your password
Example of a phishing site, fake zynga poker site to steal your password

· Beware of Phishing Scams

One common technique that hackers use to steal Zynga Poke Chips is to send a player an email or message claiming to be from Facebook security, the game creators or another "official". These emails will typically make up a fake security issue or claim that the player has violated the TOS and will ask the player to hit a link and provide their email address and password. Once the hacker has your information, your chips are as good as gone. Real Facebook officials will never contact you through a message and will definitely never ask for your sensitive information. You should report these messages or emails immediately so that more people don't get taken in.

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· You Did NOT Win the Zynga Lottery!

Another popular method that hackers employ is to message you claiming you have just won a million Zynga Poker chips, or something similar, they usually send you this message via your Facebook inbox or your email. To claim this fraudulent "prize" you are asked to click a link, and just like the phishing scam above, enter your password and email. There is no lottery, there has never been a lottery and there will never be a lottery.

· Never Download Poker Cheat Programs

The majority of the so-called codes or cheats for Facebook poker are actually Trojan horse viruses embedded with key loggers or other malicious programs. Hackers advertise these "cheats" on forums with the guarantee that you will double your Zynga Poker chips, but as soon as you hit download and start the program the key logger will be taking in everything your type; including your password and email address. Before you know it all of your chips will be history.

Example of a Trojan that states it's a cheating program to get free chips

Keeping your Zynga Poker chips safe is basically a matter of being smart and staying one step ahead of hackers, phishers and dishonest friends. Unfortunately hackers are constantly coming up with new tools and tricks to fool players and steal their chips, which make it important to stay educated about security so you can recognize a scam when you see one. The best rule of thumb to have is if something looks wrong then it probably is.


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    • profile image

      Rayyan 2 years ago

      Account cant not log in my account.account

    • profile image

      amberi 3 years ago

      If i win and i chips is stolen..i thing zynga poker take it...

    • profile image 3 years ago

      I play everyday but I don't know, how to get free chips!

    • profile image

      Marcio 4 years ago

      my zinger poker chips is continued stolen every day, When I turn of my I pad and I turn on again my chips are all gone, I have change my password but still some how I get my chips stolen, I have complain to zinger poker departement but still the same, I not know what to do anymore.

    • profile image

      German Molina 5 years ago

      I was playing Zynga poker and suddenly my laptop shut down and when I restarted it, I wasn't able to connect to Internet.

      I used another laptop and I entered again and all my chips had been stolen. But the worst problem is that I haven't been able to connect to Internet after that problem.

      Now I cannot connect and I use my laptop to work and study. All the problem was due to zynga security issues and they just say that they are

      "unable to verify that the reported loss was the result of a compromise or hack on your account. As a result, I cannot credit any lost chips back to your account."

      Right now, I don't care about my chips. I care about my laptop that hasn't been able to connect to Internet again after I was hacked.

      And all the problem has been due to Zynga's security issues. If they are not able to control hackers, they shoudn't keep their site open.

    • Ms._Info profile image

      Ms._Info 5 years ago from New Jersey

      Thanks for the warning. The thought of hackers trying to steal my chips never ever crossed my mind.