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Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card Upper Deck

Updated on August 30, 2013

Are You Looking for Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Card Upper Deck Baseball Cards?

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INTERESTING TRIVIA: Did you know this about Ken Griffey Jr.?

- Seattle Mariners All-Time Home Run Leader (398).

- His father, Ken Griffey Sr., was a pivotal player for Cincinnati's "Big Red Machine" during the 1970s

Trivia Source:

Image Credit: Keith Allison at under a Creative Commons Licence

Ken Griffey Jr.
Ken Griffey Jr.

Ken Griffey, Jr. Background Story and Info

George Kenneth "Ken" Griffey, Jr. (born November 21, 1969, in Donora, Pennsylvania) is a Major League Baseball center fielder and designated hitter, who currently plays for the Seattle Mariners, for whom he had played in the beginning of his career.

He is one of the most prolific home run hitters and defensive players in baseball history, currently fifth on the list of most career home runs with the most home runs of any active Major Leaguer, and is tied for the record of most consecutive games with a home run. He also has won 10 Gold Glove awards, tied for the most ever won by a outfielder.

It has been opined by several sportswriters that, were it not for his injury-riddled career, Griffey would likely be considered the best player in baseball history. Many writers also state that he likely would have surpassed Hank Aaron on the career home run list, setting the bar higher for Barry Bonds. His nicknames have been "The Kid" and "Junior".

He is the son of former big league outfielder Ken Griffey, Sr. Many have described his swing as "one of the most beautiful and effortless." Griffey has also played for the Cincinnati Reds and the Chicago White Sox.....


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Video: Ken Griffey hits his 600th Home Run - June 9, 2008

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Ken Griffey Jr. at Bat
Ken Griffey Jr. at Bat

Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Trivia

A few things you might not have known about Ken Griffey Jr.

Six degrees of Ken Griffey, Jr.

- 2022 Griffey appeared in the 2001 baseball movie "Summer Catch," with Fred Ward, who was in "Tremors" with Kevin Bacon in 1990. Done.

- In a 1992 episode of "The Simpsons," Griffey is one of nine all-stars hired by Mr. Burns as ringers for the company softball team.

- Sadly, Griffey becomes hooked on Burns' special brain tonic, and misses the big game with a grotesquely swollen head.

- On David Letterman, Griffey read "Top 10 thoughts that went through Ken Griffey Jr.'s mind as he hit his 500th home run." No. 8 was "This is the time to debut my pants-less home run trot." (Check out the VIDEO, BELOW!)

CONTINUE READING at The Seattle Times

Image Credit: Keith Allison at under a Creative Commons Licence

Video: Ken Griffey, Jr. Reads David Letterman's Top 10 - Live on the Show

This took place shortly after he hit his 500th Home Run

Ken Griffey Jr. -- Did You Know?

- He and his father are the only father-son duo to hit home runs in the same game.

- He recorded "The Way I Swing" with Kid Sensation - See Video!


Video: Ken Griffey Jr - "The Way I Swing"

Biography Books

Ken Griffey Jr: A Biography
Ken Griffey Jr: A Biography


Click through for full details....

Ken Griffey, Jr. (Sports Heroes)
Ken Griffey, Jr. (Sports Heroes)


Click through for full details....


Ken Griffey Jr. -- Did You Know?

- Named to Baseball Digest magazine's 1989 Rookie All-Star Team.

- Ken Griffey has also appeared on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" (see the VIDEO, below) and two episodes of "Arli$$."

Sources: and The Seattle Times

Autographed Collectibles and Memorabilia

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Video: FUNNY Cloning Commercial (30.sec.)

A Seattle Mariners commercial starring Ken Griffey Jr.

What Do You Love or Hate About Collecting Sports Cards and Memorabilia?

When and Why Did You First Start Collecting Ken Griffey Jr. Sports Cards?

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    • BrendanRichardson profile image

      BrendanRichardson 3 years ago

      Debuting in the Major Leagues the year I was born makes this baseball star even more special. Griffey was always fun to watch!

    • mihgasper profile image

      Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

      I don't know much about baseball, but enjoyed this lens!

    • NickyT LM profile image

      NickyT LM 6 years ago

      Great job I really enjoyed reading this lens. Griffey was an awesome ballplayer!

    • stephenteacher profile image

      Stephen Carr 6 years ago from Corona, CA

      Love Griffey Jr.! Nice job on the lens.

    • OhMe profile image

      Nancy Tate Hellams 6 years ago from Pendleton, SC

      Great info on Ken Griffey Jr. Rookie Cards. Lensrolled to my Baseball Card Adventures Series by Dan Gutman, delightful childrens books.

    • UKGhostwriter profile image

      UKGhostwriter 6 years ago

      Amazing resource!

    • Bus Stop Toy Shop profile image

      Bus Stop Toy Shop 6 years ago

      A great resource for Baseball Card collectors. Blessed ;)