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Keystones Masteries: Key to Victory! A Season 6 Mastery Guide

Updated on November 14, 2015
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Levise is currently studying at his second year in Bachelor Of Science in Accountancy. Perhaps eating at the moment or probably playing.

All summoner masteries

New set of masteries for pre season 6
New set of masteries for pre season 6 | Source

An Overview

In line with many surprises that Riot had made for season 6 ( hello to us who just wtf'd when they saw new adc toys) the number one surprise that everyone had was that message saying that mastery tree was updated.

Unlike our old mastery tree, in which you can allocate all of your thirty points (if level 30) to one mastery tree of choice namely: Offense, Defense, and Utility, the new mastery tree can now only have a maximum of 18 points in each tree of : Ferocity, Cunning and Resolve. The remaining 12 points can be allocated among the remaining two. However,the three keystones in the bottom each mastery tree do require all 17 points in each tree for them to be available for allocation.

Unlike before in which mastery for adcs could be used for all of your adcs, mage masteries for all mage masteries, and so for tanks, junglers, and top laners, this time you'd think you'd never applied the saying choose wisely ever before.

Warlord's Bloodlust

(requires 17 points in ferocity)
(requires 17 points in ferocity) | Source

Now watch me crit, now watch me hit! hit!

I could hear Vayne mains squealing in joy with this mastery!

The critical heals is already a giveaway, but the real powerspike is the bonus 20% attack speed everytime a critical strike proc. This buff greatly benefits crit types adc like Vayne and Quinn and some of our reliable Ad fighters like Tryndamere, Yasuo, and our resident clown Shaco.

When to take it

Take it when using ADcs that rely heavily on dps or their auto attacks. As Infinity edge and Phantom dancer is a must have for these adcs, the heal and bonus attack speed on crit as a huge powerspike.

When not to

Definitely not when using Mage or Tanks. But common error for many is taking this keystone when they're using skill based adcs like Ezreal. Although crit chance is acquired at an early trinity force, the keystone is just useless if you rely on damage mainly from your skill.

Fervor of Battle

(requires 17 points in ferocity)
(requires 17 points in ferocity) | Source

Mini sword of the occult that stacks per attack!

The bonus ad that stacks each attack for a maximum of 10 stacks also scales with level.

Since the bonus AD piles up on your bonus from items, they benefit your skills with AD scaling too! Many top laners and ADc skill-based take this keystone, AD junglers also take this for faster farming.

When to take it

Adc like Sivir and Ezreal which rely on their skills for damage along with their autos take this for the huge bonus AD that scales with their skills. The key is auto attacking to stack up, then upon reaching maximum stacks, they spam their newly damage boosted skills. Skill-based AD tops and Dps should also take this mastery for early game creep scoring to late game attack-and-poke routine (hi Jayce!)

When not to

Some AD tops and AD mids have a hard time stacking this mastery buff due to ranged,bully harrasing (just f**** nuisance) lane opponents. If you see( ranked) or feel your lane opponent is someone like kennen or hecarim for top and Lux and Karma in Mid ( that just bully you to death) then shift to other keystone choice since you cannot attack much to stack it up. Unless you could of course pull it off.

Deathfire Touch

(requires 17 points in ferocity)
(requires 17 points in ferocity) | Source

For the pokers of the league...

I present you what's left of deathfire ( sniff, sniff) just the namesake though.

Since the damage over time from this mastery scales with AD and AP it does very well on hybrids, AD and AP mid laners. And did I hear pokes? (Poke champs please calm yourselves :D)

When to take it

Take it on your champs that just love to poke and run. High ranged aoe spells and piercing skill shots too. Zed's shurikens and Lux's lucent singularity benefit from this keystone. Casters that have long cooldowns and high reatio scaling benefit from this for extra damage.

When not to

When your champ doesn't rely on their skills and more on their autos.

Stormraider's Surge

(requires 17 points in cunning)
(requires 17 points in cunning) | Source

You can hide, but you can't run

Im expecting tons of battle ponies (Hecarim is Hecawin!) on the rift with this new baby!

With this keystone, champs having problems with lack of gap closer finally have a breather. Also you can take this if you're using high risk champs. Brand and Ahri often gets punished when his stun or her charm wears off, this can let you do another poke and run series!

When to take it

Can I just say, Hecarim is crying in joy right now. Champions like Garen and Riven who already have their own gap closers can have even more gap closer. Those who have problems connecting their autos like Irelia can have more chances chasing and slashing now. Gnar's movement speed bonus on third stacks can now be terrifyingly steroidal. If youre having problems chasing those oh-so-hard-to-get champs. This one is for you.

When not to

Some beefier tanks who needs gap closers might like to set their eyes on these. However, they must keep in mind that to proc this keystone, they are required t to deal 30% of a champion's max health. So a lack of damage would render this useless if you are aiming for pure tank role.

Thunderlord's Decree

(requires 17 points in cunning)
(requires 17 points in cunning) | Source


Having bolts of lightning zapping on your enemy when you perform your favorite combo is just pure evil!

This keystone is a MUST MUST have for our combo makers and spammers.

When to take

Since the keystone needs the third skill on an enemy champion to proc, combo making champs benefits from this the most. It also scales with AD and AP so more champion friendly (*grins) Cassiopeia has no problem to proc this, as well as Gragas. Our resident AD combo makers like Riven and Talon could also take this keystone for more wombo combo zapping!

When not to

Some champs do not have a low base cool down for combos of their skills or their champ is not really built for that wombo combo path (awww). Clearly not for those who love poking and running.

Windspeaker's Blessing

(requires 17 points in cunning)
(requires 17 points in cunning) | Source

Trust me Im a Doctor (*, Oh! Sorry,Support

Enhancer Supports never had so much swag. I mean need we add more? Heals and shields are stronger plus that armor and magic resist bonus is just....*heaven*

When to take it

Take it when using supports that have steroidal enhancements. And by steroidal I meant Janna, Sona, and our walking fountain Soraka. Supports that have heals and shields skill benefits from this the greatest

When not to

Although this keystone is generally for support, its not for all supports, this keystone benefits our Enhancer Supports or those supports that have buffs, healing and shields. A tank support, or a bully support like Leona and Morgana need different keystones for more effectivity in the game.

Strength of The Ages

(needs 17 points in resolve)
(needs 17 points in resolve) | Source

Sounds like Rod of The Ages.....fishy

Yep, just like Rod Of The Ages which grants increasing health and mana overtime and Hp and Mp Recovery upon leveling up, this keystone grants stacking bonus health in killing siege minions and large monsters and health recovery upon siege minion death.

When to take it

Tank user which prefer (or just lazy to buy health items) buying armor(Rammus) and magic resist(Galio) and needs HP for extra hit takings. This is for you. Some champions like Maokai and Sion which have HP scaling on their passive benefits from this Keystone's synergy.

When not to

Its wrong to think that, oh! Im an AP/ADC Im so squishy, I need this to survive. That is a big no! Just like each items is unique and needed for specific usage, keystones are also very beneficial in each unique roles and choosing this over other offensive keystone for a chance of staying longer in team fights is a wrong idea and compromises significant damage fro mother keystone choice.

Bond Of Stone

(needs 17 points in resolve)
(needs 17 points in resolve) | Source

Id catch a grenade for ya! Jump in front of a train for ya!

Literally getting hurt when I see you get hurt ( too cheesy?)

And more choice for our courageous tank. Its like a baby Maokai ultimate, reducing damage from your ally so your own glorious tankiness can take it from her. However since it only benefits you and a nearest ally ,stay close to your babe. do I hear a protect! protect! protect! then?

When to take it

As I was saying from a while ago, this keystone suits better for our tank supports like Leona and Alistar. Its what every protector tanks and bot lane tank companion needs.

When not to

not too brave folks. You wouldn't want this keystone if in the first place you wouldn't be charging courageously yelling DEMACIA!!!! in the teamfight and just hiding in the backlines. Tanks in front squishies at the back please!

Grasp of The Undying

(needs 17 points in resolve)
(needs 17 points in resolve) | Source

For the "no recall" team!

Top laners often battles in two things. Creep Score and Out-sustaining. Since having the latter benefits the former its a win win scenario for choosing this Keystone.

When to take it

When you feel that you need to stay longer in lane to stack up gold for a rush build or does not need mana for a well trip. This baby is definitely for you. Tryndamere and Gnar could add up their lane sustain and creepings against you if they are taking this so be wise folks( welcome back again Executioner's Calling)

When not to

Take note of the attack , that's right to proc this life steal you need to attack your lane opponent, Oh wait! that's piece of cake! Im ranged bro! ( the heal is halved for ranged sadlife) So if you're either too squishy as a melee to attack without getting your ass kicked so much in doing so, or mana dependent that you still need trips back to the well then this keystone is not for you.


Have a Great Season 6!

Thanks for Reading My Guide!!!!

Take note that these are based on my own understanding, so feel free to leave comments or experiences you have with the new Season 6 Masteries.


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