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Khajiit Race And Their Names In Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V

Updated on January 17, 2012

Khajiit are one of the beast races in Skyrim. They are feline humanoids whose forefathers were the great cats of the desert and the similarities are obvious. All of Khajiit have tails, their bodies are covered with fur and their ability to walk on their toes makes them excellent at sneaking. Khajiit appearance depends on Lunar Lattice (Ja-Kha'jay in Khajiit native language). Lunar Lattice or Moonstrings is a mysterious semi-divine force which is responsible for the phases of the moons of Tamriel - Masser and Secunda. Khajiit newborns which were born at the same moon phase appear almost identical to each other. But their grownup form becomes clear within a couple of months. Although Khajiit are born smaller than mer or humans they mature much faster. There are more than twenty distinct forms of Khajiit appearances. Ohmes or 'man-faced' Khajiit sometimes appear so similar to Bosmer that they tattoo their faces to look more feline. Suthay-raht is the most common form of Khajiit. They appear like men but more richly covered with fur and are more agile than other Khajiit. Cathay-raht or 'jaguar men' are similar to suthay-raht but larger, stronger and their fur is spotted making them look like jaguars. Senche-raht, 'the great cats' are even larger and more muscular, they are twice as big as an average Altmer. When Masser and Secunda form an eclipse the third moon appears on the sky and Mane would be born. Khajiit believe there can be only one Mane alive at a time. Mane is always a male, the biggest and strongest of all Khajiit race. An old tradition makes Khajiit to shave off their manes for him to incorporate that in his own gigantic mane. Though as the population grew that become impractical and Khajiit cut their manes only as a symbolical sacrifice.

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Khajiit Skills And Racial Abilities

Khajiit Starting Skill Bonuses:

+10 Sneak
+5 Altchemy
+5 Archery
+5 Lockpicking
+5 Pickpocket
+5 One-Handed:

Khajiit Starting Spells:

Flames (Sets the target on fire, doing some damage over time)
Healing (Heals the caster over time)

Khajiit Racial Abilities:

Night Eye : Improved night vision for 60 seconds.
Khajiit unarmed claws do 15 points of damage.

Khajiit History

Khajiit come from Elsweyr which used to be 16 independent Khajiit kingdoms which lived in cooperation and harmony. The Thrassian Plague changed this by leaving two kingdoms. The region of Elsweyr was turned into two modern states ruled by Keirgo of Anequina and Eshita of Pellitine. The northern Anequina is a dry grassland where Keirgo had united aggressive and territorial raiders. The southern Pellitine was a civilized river basin with ancient artistic and mercantile traditions based on the export of moon sugar. Both leaders didn't get along very well. The leader of Pellitine saw Anequina as a barbarous state while Anequina saw the southern Pellitine as depraved and decadent. The equality of both of them was bestowed by the Mane, Rid-T'har-ri'Datta. He restored peace among Khajiit bu making both regions share alternate control of Elsweyr based on the phases of Masser and Secunda. Since then Manes have been unofficial Khajiit leaders.

Khajiits the same as Argonians also suffered from Dunmer invasion because of their beastly appearance. In spite of the similar destiny Khajiit have a strong mutual racial dislike towards Argonians. The racism made Khajiit race to frequently fear of being kidnapped and sold to slavery in Morrowind until King Helseth outlawd slavery. Khajiit created and mastered various forms of martial arts that are based on using their claws as weapons. Goutfang, Whispering Claw and Rawlith Khaj are the most famous Khajiit martial art schools.

Khajiit Culture

Khajiit believe that gods bestow their blessings upon them in a form of moon sugar which is very common in the Tenmar forest in southern Elsweyr. They believe that the moon sugar is crystallized moonlight from the moons themselves, trapped by the surface of Topal sea and washed to the sugarcane groves in the forest. The moon sugar is a common ingredient in Khajiit food - candies, cakes, puddings, they even use moon sugar to sweeten the meat. Moon sugar is also the main ingredient of skooma - a popular drug in Temriel. Skooma gives an ecstatic impression that one is drinking small drops of moon god souls. Quite some of Khajiit population are 'sugar tooths' - addicts of skooma. The Clan Mothers are religious leaders in Khajiit community and they own the power of controlling moon sugar harvests and decided on their distribution.

Khajiit usually dress in garish ample shawls known as budi. They not only protect Khajiit from the sun but also covers their furriest body parts. Exposing them in public is considered to be offensive and impolite. Khajiit like to ornate themselves with jewelry, trinkets and sometimes even flowers. Not only ohmes use tattoos, tattooing is another common form of Khajiit self decoration. This permanent body art signify their race, tribe and religion.

Khajiit Names

The Khajiit Language is Ta'agra. Khajiit names almost always have a prefix before them which is commonly separated by an apostrophe. It is not necessary but generally the name after the apostrophe is capitalized. Some names have two titles separated with a hyphenated suffix (for example, -Do) but it is very rare and is considered to be a bit cocky.

Here is a short list of know prefixes in Ta'agra:

Jo - wizard
Dar - thief
Do - warrior
Ra & Ri - words that imply great status
Renrij - scum, mercenary or "landless
Krin - grin, laugh, or smile
Rhica - concerned
Ranriji - ruffian
Nor - night
Horkor - heavy


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