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Kid Toys Review: LeapFrog LeapReader

Updated on April 19, 2016
Green LeapReader
Green LeapReader

What Is A LeapReader?

Manufacturer: LeapFrog
Recommended Age: 4-8 years
MSRP: $34.99
Rating: A Thumbs-up

Visit any retailer and you’ll find toy aisles lined with electronic toys. Kids love the bright lights, music or sounds and related bells and whistles associated with these toys. Parents appreciate these toys multi-functions and games. When it comes to electronic educational toys, LeapFrog has been on the cutting edge for many years. The Leapfrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System is just one of the many options available from the makers of Leapfrog. Leapfrog also offers educational videos, computer games and larger electronic systems.

How Does LeapReader Work?

Here’s how it works: The Leapfrog Reading and Writing system consists of a small, handheld electronic reader (pen) and special LeapFrog Learning books. This reader stores the audio for up to 10 books. More than 40 books and games are available to purchase separately, based on television shows, movies and classic tales, such as Disney’s Toy Story, Tangled or Brave.

The LeapReader system comes with a Sampler Activity Book, Learning Paper Writing Sheet, USB Cable and Quick Start Guide. The LeapReader is an easy-to-hold electronic pen with an optical reader at one end. It is sized just right for small hands. Point the pen at different areas of the book to activate music, stories, games or lights, making this a truly interactive toy. The system can read an entire story, read vocabulary words, pick out dialogue or sound effects, or play games.

The system is versatile enough to grow with your child. For example, set the system to read an entire story for a preschooler. Once your child starts reading, set the system to read only the words your child is struggling with. Older children enjoy playing games and answering yes, no questions.

The LeapReader comes in two colors, such as green or purple, so you can buy one for a boy or a girl. Unlike many electronic toys, it’s durably constructed to hold up to heavy use.

Why Do We Like It?

Educators like the Leapfrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System because it reinforces basic literacy skills, such as vocabulary, phonics and reading. Parents appreciate the fact that a wide variety of games are available to keep children’s interest. Its small size makes it portable enough for traveling or trips. Keep kids entertained while running errands or waiting at the doctor’s office. One parent reported using the LeapReader System for quiet time once her daughter gave up afternoon naps. A volume button allows you to control how loud or soft the volume is, and the system even has a plug-in for headphones (not included).

Many parents have also commented on the system’s ease of use. You’ll need a computer and a USB cord to download programs to the system, but the process is simple and straightforward. You’ll find the books and games at local retailers or visit Leapfrog online for a wide variety of programs, as well as printable games and activities. Check the site for special offers too.

My little one likes how engaging and simple the system is to use. I just gave him a brief tutorial and he was up and running. Unlike video games, this system doesn’t have complicated controls, but is simple enough for preschoolers to use independently.

Looking for an educational toy that’s truly versatile, engaging and educational? The Leapfrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System fits the bill. Start with the LeapReader and a few easy books. You can enlarge your library as your child grows. Books and games are available for varying ages and abilities, so there’s always something for your child. Keep an extra system in the car, at the babysitter’s or at grandma’s, for a simple toy that offers hours of fun and learning.

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