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Kids Arts and Crafts Projects Out of Trash

Updated on May 1, 2012

Recycle First, Play Later

Sometimes it feels like we are being pressured to be eco-friendly. But what if separating out your trash could save you money and entertain your children?

Cans, newspapers, cardboard and plastic bottles can be used to make beautiful art work or just something fun for the kids to do. You can use large boxes as recycling containers and store them in your garage out of the way. When every your kids want to make art just send them out for a box or two and you keep all the extras together.

Other things to keep handy for children's art projects are color crayons, construction paper, string and other inexpensive art supplies.

Easy Project Ideas

Paper mache can be made by cutting newspaper into strips and using glue or homemade paste. I like making paste because I never run out, no plastic bottles to throw away and it is edible and safe for kids and pets. I mix a cup of flour and two cups water in a bowl. You can alter these as much as you want to get the consistency you desire. To make it more fun for the kids, add a little food coloring.

Cardboard boxes can serve as forts, art boxes and more. You can even use cardboard and paper mache to make props and Halloween decorations. Cardboard can also be used to make sturdy furniture for either your kids or you. It is a great eco-friendly way to reuse your board.

Plastic bottles are awesome for for projects, you can cut strips of different colored bottles and glue them around a clear bottle. By adding a hole to the cap you can make a cool window hanger or outdoor tree decoration.

Soda cans are great but I don't advise using them with small children, as they can cut very easily. But if you are looking for easy flowers, cut the bottle of a soda can off the can and make slits down to the rim. Fold the slats flat and cut each into a petal shape. Add a little paint and a stem.

Recycling feel forced at times but it could actually serve a purpose for you. Just remember, kids like making messes and creating things. By using your recycled items they can make stuff more often and less trips to the craft store.


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