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Buy a Kids Playhouse

Updated on May 21, 2012

There is so much fun that children can have when they have their own playhouse. You'll find that they use their imagination to create a world of their own.

When buying a playhouse for your child, you'll find cheap playhouses and expensive playhouses. Depending on what you're looking for, the options are actually quite varied. Many playhouses use materials that are weather-proof and prevent warping, which work great if you're putting the playhouse outside.

If you're not looking for something for outside, you can always buy a cardboard playhouse for your child to color and play in. You may even find that your child prefers this over a real playhouse, as his, or she, can color it.

Playhouses range from realistic, mimicking real homes, to fantasy, mimicking castles and faraway space homes. No matter what you're looking for you can find kid's play houses with working windows, doors, and accessories, or you can find those that are solely pretend.

Winchester Playhouse

The Winchester Playhouse is a roomy and fully-enclosed child's playhouse that features cedar construction with a front porch, wooden roof, large country shutters, and a working door. It even features planter boxes, a lemonade stand, and an outside bench.

This is truly an ultimate playhouse that your child will remember having.

The playhouse measures about 5'8"L x 5'4"W x 5'7"H.

KidKraft Activity Playhouse

This realistic playohuse has a detailed structure and high-quality construction that is fun for children to hang out in.

The playhouse features a basketball hoop, outdoor cooking area, plastic bins for sand/water, remoable sink, water-resistant panels, and a door that opens. The construction is sturdy with reinforced wooden panels that prevent warping and weathering.

The playhouse measures about 5'8"L x 5'5"W x 6'5"H

Discovery Kids Cardboard Playhouse

If you're looking for something simple that your child and play inside, this is a great activity playhouse. It's cheap and easy to assemble, measuring about 5'T x 3'W.

The playhouse has 4 windows, 2 doors, a mailbox, and a chimney.

You can even recycle it when your child is finished coloring and playing with it.


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