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Running Bike - A Kids Bike With No Pedals

Updated on September 10, 2011

Child's First Bike

The running bike for children between the ages of 1 and 5, is a relatively new invention. Prior to this a child's first bike was just a smaller version of an adult bike that sometimes had detachable stabilisers to help the child when they were first learning to ride a bike. The stabilisers were removed once the child had gained confidence and some balance on the bike.

So if you don't know what a running bike is, then this is the term for those bikes without wheels that you see the kids 'riding' around on these days. They are otherwise known as balance bikes too. The good thing about running bikes is that they start to give the children a sense of balance but without complicating their thinking with having to use pedals at the same time. They sit on the running bike and run along with their feet which pushes themselves and the wheels along..

The Strider Balance Running Bike
The Strider Balance Running Bike

The Benefits of Running Bikes

Running bikes mean that a child can start learning to ride a bike at a much younger age - with the experience and practice that is given by a running bike, particularly in terms of balance, they can move on to a 'normal' bike when they are ready and when they have mastered their balance.

Running bikes are also great for times when you may go out and say you have older kids with bikes, then your younger child can feel like they are part of the group. They are also great because they give the child more speed - this can really help if you are out and about and you have a toddler who normally holds you up or who just can't walk for as long or as fast as you may like. The running bikes can also glide down hills!

Most of the running bikes that you can buy are adjustable too - so that the bike will last your toddler for a few years at least - until they get confident and comfortable enough for a bike with pedals.

Great Christmas Present for a Toddler

A running or balance bike could be a great idea for a Christmas gift for a toddler. Whether you have a grandson or granddaughter, a niece or nephew or if you are just looking for a Christmas present for your own toddler then this could be a great idea and will give them loads of fun on Christmas Day.


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